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Amy Dee, RN



“Amy Dee is fabulous! She is wonderful to work with and a joy to be around. Amy did our closing session at our Annual Convention and we could not have ask for a better speaker to send everyone off after three days of intense training on the new Requirements of Participation training. The attendees left the convention with goosebumps, encouragement and lots of laughs! Way to go Amy!” -- Peggy Krikava, Education Director

"Amy did an amazing job kicking off our conference with a unique blend of inspiration, information, and laughs! Her presentation was overwhelmingly well received and it set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Thank you Amy, we sincerely appreciated having you! Take Care. " --
Wesley Bickler Pharm.D., Minnesota Health System Pharmacists Association

"Amy was our featured speaker at our Avera No Boys Allowed Women's Health Expo in March of 2014. We could not have made a better choice! She was both inspirational and hilarious. She had the entire audience, ages 18-75, crying with laughter. We had so many requests to bring her back again! She was very professional and a pleasure to work with." -- Megan Popowski, RN, Avera Medical Group

Funny Motivational Nurse Speaker Audiences Never Forget

Amy Dee is a hilarious, inspiring, musical RN speaker with a powerful message!

Amy’s audience becomes immediately engaged with her feisty charm and the nuggets of wisdom she cloaks in hilarious stories. Audience members share belly laughs, and “that’s so true” nods while absorbing her thought-provoking metaphors, interwoven with beautiful music.

A master storyteller and comedian, Amy’s priceless stories are brimming with compelling twists to customer service, dealing with change, stress and everyday irritations.

Her customized keynotes can include musical parodies tailored to her audience. Amy’s keynotes and workshops provide entertainment with an empowering message.

Amy’s zest for life and quest for knowledge has been enhanced by her diverse life experiences. During a decade of living in Norway, Amy started a home photo calendar business that grew to become the largest in Scandinavia.

At age forty-three Amy returned to college for her RN degree, then went on to become a psychiatric nurse in an acute care hospital. She has also been a stand-up comedian, a radio voice-over artist, she was the executive director of a nonprofit organization where she managed 500 hundred volunteers and produced an eight-hour telethon.

Today Amy is a life coach, an author, and a musician with over twenty years of professional speaking experience. Amy is also an avid dieter (she starts a new diet every Monday), a challenged housekeeper (she doesn’t trust neat people), and keen observer of life.

Amy will enchant your audience and leave them motivated to take on the world.

Most Popular Topics:

From Zero to Everyday Hero: It’s All in Your Head

Remember Your Power to Make a Difference

Who you decide to be in this world matters. That’s why—with the right attitude—no job is small and profound satisfaction can come from finding meaning in everyday actions. By learning how their brain affects their own behavior and influences people around them, attendees discover how to take responsibility for their actions and their attitude. They’ll explore how to bring a positive attitude from “inside” rather than trying to extract it from external events during the day. They’ll realize that for every act of violence and horror we hear about there are thousands of unheralded acts of kindness. They’ll laugh while discovering delightfully practical ways to develop kindness, positivity and deal more effectively with negative people and situations. Specific examples of kindness, generosity and positivity can be included from your own organization.


Choices, Chances, Changes: The 3 Cs of Life

Remember Your Power to Choose Success

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. No more being stuck or blaming others! This hilarious but poignant presentation explores how brain and behavior science can help you take back your power to shape your own destiny by making conscious choices and taking chances that align with your goals. Attendees will discover how to improve “choice-making” by putting space between their impulses and their actions. This gives them time to reframe challenges and literally change the way they look at things and how they choose to move forward through change. They’ll learn how to self-guide by asking questions such as, “Will this choice put me closer to or further from my goal?” and “Is what I’m about to say necessary? Will it strengthen my relationship bridge or weaken it?” Attendees will even discover how to find meaning—and value—in failures and how to take brave chances that will create positive change in their lives. Examples of the specific types of challenges your organization and audience face can be included.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

Remember Your Power to Pause

Information overload. Decision overload. Overload overload. Does it feel like you’re speed-walking through life—with a pebble in your shoe? For anyone in chronic overdrive or stuck in a life that no longer fits, this presentation reminds us of our power to stop and take a breath so we can respond rather than simply react. Attendees discover how thoughts create emotions—and why it’s dangerous to believe everything you think! They’ll explore how the behavioral science behind anxiety, anger and fear make it impossible to access our “thinking” brain and leave our “ancient” fight-or-flight brain in charge. Attendees will laugh while learning how to trade this constant reactivity for a positive and empowering way of interacting with the world, including how to make those all-important human connections that keep us happier at home and at work.

Brainy Customer Service: Your Customer’s Perception = Your Reality

Remember your power to outsmart your brain

We like to believe we are rational but we are much more prone to irrrational behavior than we think. What makes a first impression a lasting impression? How can you help your customer remember the good moments of service and remain loyal? What psychological forces guide you and your clients’ irrational behaviors? How do these forces sneak up on all us and affect our choices, decisions, loyalty and relationships? Why don’t we realize when we’re getting influenced? In this keynote your audience will laugh while exploring several of the psychological forces that thwart rational thinking. You’ll understand how both you and your customer are vulnerable to the pull of irrational behaviors. When you better understanding the seductive pull of these forces, your customer service will improve and both you and your customer will be less likely to be duped by them in the future.


It’s Not You, It’s Your Brain

Dx: Brain Drain • Rx: Mind Management

Did you know that every day you are exposed to as much information as your 15th century ancestor experienced in a lifetime? You are not only experiencing epidemic “overwhelm” of information and choices, you’re being asked to do more with less. Time management isn’t enough. Today you need MIND MANAGEMENT. Amy’s hilarious stories and memorable metaphors will help you organize your day for better brain benefit, and steer around cognitive biases that hinder objective thinking, and positively deal with daily challenges. Amy will explain how self- compassion leads to better customer service. Laugh while learning practical tools you can immediately apply to make every day more productive and satisfying.


Bold Women Bliss

Remember your power to choose happiness!

Decide to like more things…like your crabby neighbor, like your dimpled thighs, like those hairs growing out of your chin. Quit trying to squeeze into those size four jeans from high school because your bones got bigger. Celebrate your Bold Woman Bliss! Created for women’s events. This fun, enlightening, inspirational keynote is full of humor, music, and celebration. It is perfect for “Women’s Night Out” events and will have your group roaring with laughter, zinging with inspiration, and dancing with a renewed sense of their own amazing power and greatness as women in this world! Amy inspires women to Live Everyday Bliss… This program is in honor of and to Celebrate Woman! This one’s for the girls!

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