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"Amy was our featured speaker at our Avera No Boys Allowed Women's Health Expo in March of 2014. We could not have made a better choice! She was both inspirational and hilarious. She had the entire audience, ages 18-75, crying with laughter. We had so many requests to bring her back again! She was very professional and a pleasure to work with." -- Megan Popowski, RN, Avera Medical Group

Remember Your Power

Amy Dee is a hilarious, inspiring, musical RN speaker with a powerful message!

Amy’s audience becomes immediately engaged with her feisty charm and the nuggets of wisdom she cloaks in hilarious stories. Audience members share belly laughs, and “that’s so true” nods while absorbing her thought-provoking metaphors, interwoven with beautiful music.

A master storyteller and comedian, Amy’s priceless stories are brimming with compelling twists to customer service, dealing with change, stress and everyday irritations.

Her customized keynotes can include musical parodies tailored to her audience. Amy’s keynotes and workshops provide entertainment with an empowering message.

Amy’s zest for life and quest for knowledge has been enhanced by her diverse life experiences. During a decade of living in Norway, Amy started a home photo calendar business that grew to become the largest in Scandinavia.

At age forty-three Amy returned to college for her RN degree, then went on to become a psychiatric nurse in an acute care hospital. She has also been a stand-up comedian, a radio voice-over artist, she was the executive director of a nonprofit organization where she managed 500 hundred volunteers and produced an eight-hour telethon.

Today Amy is a life coach, an author, and a musician with over twenty years of professional speaking experience. Amy is also an avid dieter (she starts a new diet every Monday), a challenged housekeeper (she doesn’t trust neat people), and keen observer of life.

Amy will enchant your audience and leave them motivated to take on the world.

Most Popular Topics:

You, the Everyday Hero! Celebrating the Power of Kindness!

Leave your red capes and super powers at home! Becoming an Everyday Hero doesn’t require you to leap tall buildings. You are an Everyday Hero when you do the “little extra” you are not obligated to do.

Amy’s dynamic message celebrates the power of kindness by revealing small but important ways you can bring the power of kindness to your work, family, and world. Amy’s hilarious style, her motivational stories and music will renew your passion for life and inspire you to make ordinary moments extraordinary by doing “little extra” to live your best life.

It’s a celebration! This program wildly popular and is re-tailored to inspire and motivate specific audiences such as healthcare workers, educators, and customer service representatives.


Squeeze the Marvelous out of Every Day

A delicious cup of coffee, a hot shower, a belly laugh with a co-worker, a hug from your teenager, and the perfect parking place…everyday we experience magical moments but too often we zip through life without noticing them. This enchanting, funny keynote reminds you to savor the marvelous moments life offers you.

Learning to discover the marvelous in our lives helps us to be happier, and to live happier, and it absolutely helps us to work happier. We become more creative and more productive (at work and home) when we find the fun and learn to celebrate the tiny bits of magic that come into our life throughout the day. Amy’s dynamic and inspiring message is simple but profound: Life is fun and funny and marvelous moments are the magic of everyday! Your group will leave feeling inspired, with powerful attitude tools that will better their everyday lives!


Bold Women Bliss

Decide to like more things…like your crabby neighbor, like your dimpled thighs, like those hairs growing out of your chin. Quit trying to squeeze into those size four jeans from high school because your bones got bigger. Celebrate your Bold Woman Bliss! Created for women’s events.

This fun, enlightening, inspirational keynote is full of humor, music, and celebration. It is perfect for “Women’s Night Out” events and will have your group roaring with laughter, wiping tears of inspiration, and dancing with a renewed sense of their own amazing power and greatness as women in this world! Amy inspires women to Live Everyday Bliss… This program is in honor of and to Celebrate Woman! This one’s for the girls!


Essential, Everyday Resilience! (workshop or keynote)

GOOD NEWS! Resilience is not just for the supernaturally gifted…every one of you can increase your resilience. And, while genetics may impair your chance of making the US Olympic Gymnastic Team….your resilience capacity is not fixed. You can get better and better at dealing with life’s challenges.

Be prepared to laugh and learn life- changing tools that will strengthen your resilience…and improve the way you respond to Thanksgiving dinner with your crazy in- laws, constant changes at work, and the other curve balls life throws you. A fun keynote filled with laughter and learning..


Don’t Worry, Be Happy…Stress and Life Balance…Finding the Right Blend

Do you blow up over minor irritations? Have difficulties sleeping? Perseverate over events you can’t control? Find less joy in fun activities? Do you sometimes daydream about taking on an alias and leaving your everyday life far behind? If so, you may be suffering from stress.

Stress is the underlying cause of 90% of visits to the doctor and 40% of job turnover. Like most seasonings, a little stress flavors our life, creating inspiration and motivation. But too much stress wreaks havoc on our mental and physical health while damaging our relationships and productivity.

Do you spend your days being pulled in every direction, with busyness at every turn only to end the day feeling you “missed the mark” by not giving attention to the people you love them most or the activities you most enjoy? Life balance and stress management are an ongoing journey achieved by consciously prioritizing and maintaining an organized system. In this effective and informative session Amy will help your group master techniques that will empower them to get a grip on stress and develop a system for life balance.


Intentional Kindness: Light up your workplace without getting burned

Good News, kindness is contagious! When you are kind to yourself and kind to others, positive emotions radiate to your workforce and the world around you. Learn vital self-compassion tools that are crucial to good mental health while navigating change. Discover how creating intentional micro-moments of loving connection will forge bonds with co-workers, make the world a better place, and improve your overall health. It’s good to be good!

Ignite your self-compassion by developing tools that will! increase your resilience and modify your stress response. Rekindle kindness in the workplace by learning mindfulness techniques that will empower your listening skills and improve your relationship at work and home.

Be the spark! Explore how radiating kindness affects individuals, organizations, and communities!


Emotional Intelligence: How not to lose a customer, tick-off a patient, or send your mother-in-law packing…

People lacking in emotional intelligence are walking time bombs. Their inability to manage their own emotions, much less read other’s emotions can create a spontaneous combustion during challenging times. When tempers can escalate, creative problem solving becomes almost impossible.

Conversely, people with strong emotional intelligence skills are able to monitor their own emotions and read the emotions of others creating a good problem solving environment for the best possible outcome. Emotional Intelligence is the pivotal connection to improving your personal effectiveness. EI is a empowering foundation for dealing with stress, impulses, and day to day challenges.

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