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"Gordon Viggiano was the key note speaker at our recent Comprehensive Stroke Center celebration. Gordon gave a moving presentation on the stroke survivor’s experience from the Emergency Department, waking up in ICU, working hard in Rehab and then the continual recovery over the past 7 years. He is an engaging speaker who shares his personal story with humor and honesty. The audience was made up of nurses, therapists, physicians and hospital administration. Gordon’s presentation gave everyone in the room a fresh perspective on stroke survivorship.

Gordon was joined at the end of the presentation by his wife Jill to answer questions and share how this experience has shaped their lives. They are an example to healthcare providers of how life post- stroke can be full of meaning and purpose.

We are so thankful that Gordon was able to join us for our celebration." -- Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Portland, OR

My Brain Has A Hole In It

Get hope and encouragement for facing any adversity, from Gordon Viggiano’s inspiring story of his recovery from a near-fatal stroke. But he didn’t do it alone. His wife, Jill, is the other half of this amazing team.

Gordon Viggiano was a healthy, active, no risk factor man when he suffered a massive stroke on his 51st birthday. A successful sales executive, consultant and entrepreneur, this near fatal stroke dramatically changed his and his family’s lives. Gordon has not fully recovered from his stroke so this is not an “I did it and you can too” story. His recovery will likely be a lifetime endeavor which he faces with abundant energy and optimism. In fact, his strong will to be able to speak coherently again, and take on the additional challenge of becoming a professional speaker, are inspirational in themselves.

Jill Viggiano, had spent spent 19 years working in commercial real estate before retiring to become a full time mom. An active volunteer, Jill couldn’t help but raise her hand and take on leadership roles in the community. The opportunity to form and advance philanthropic organizations and their causes kept her engaged in both local and national efforts. When Gordon survived his massive stroke, Jill focused her skills on his recovery. She now assists him in his day-to-day needs as well as in his speaking career.

Jill is the author of Painful Blessing, a book about her spouse and caregiver experience, shedding light on the real life impact of acquired brain injury, and providing hope and encouragement to those facing significant challenges.

In their public programs, Gordon and Jill use humor and compassion to discuss this life-changing experience and the life-lessons that you can gain from their struggle. Everyone needs encouragement and perspective from time-to-time. When the going gets tough, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, or even depressed. The winning strategies that Gordon and Jill employed to recover from calamity are the same ones that you can use to rethink how you overcome professional or personal setbacks and reach for more than you thought was possible.


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My Brain Has a Hole In It

Audiences will laugh, cry, and be inspired as Gordon and Jill discuss this life-changing experience and the life lessons gained from their struggle.

Hope and encouragement in the face of adversity are universal needs. My Brain Has a Hole In It is a transformative presentation focused on:

  • Facing challenges
  • Dealing with change
  • Examining one’s relationships and attitude
  • Finding happiness and success in ways previously unimagined


Putting Failure In Its Place

The winning strategies that Gordon faithfully practiced as a sales executive are the same strategies he employs to recover from his massive brain injury. Be inspired and compelled to overcome professional or personal setbacks and reach for more than you thought was possible.


Painful Blessings

In her book and speaking appearances, Jill tells her story of devastating loss, hope that comes from the faith that sustains her, finding joy, and the decision to embrace the life she has now.

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