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For Your Well Being: Ending on a Good Note

December 22, 2005, Vol. III Issue 26

Just a couple of timely news bits this week as we wrap up the year in anticipation of a fresh start.

As I look through my year’s news clippings, I notice the same themes repeating. Those would be the ones that tout the benefits of exercise, a healthy diet and reducing stress. Nothing new. Or is there? Just last week I read about a twist that may tip some people in the direction of healthier lifestyles. Perhaps the possibility of minimizing the chances of developing dementia will get their attention.

It appears there is still plenty of work to do in convincing people to change their ways. Just yesterday, a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, where one-fifth of 5,300 people tested nationwide posted poor cardiovascular fitness.

This has been a challenging year for many of you budget wise, so I offer you this information to bolster your resolve to continue the good work you do. We’re here to support you. What you do makes a difference, if it changes just one audience member’s life. I will continue to seek out speakers and topics to meet your budgets and needs. Rumor has it there are some exciting new CD’s and books coming your way (I’ve read the manuscript for one and it’s a whole new approach to healthy habit-making) so stay tuned!

The Fear Factor: Dementia

Alzheimer’s, dementia. These are scary topics. And they are becoming all too familiar as I watch so many of my friends dealing with parents suffering from these diseases.

What about my own mid-sentence forgetfulness? In an effort to ease my mind, I joke about it, blaming it on menopause or any other handy socially acceptable fencepost.

The truth is this is not a laughing matter, yet there may be something we can do about it before it’s too late (dementia before age 70 is rare). In an article published online by Newsweek recently, it was reported that there is growing evidence that your health at midlife is more predictive of your future risk of dementia than your health during your senior years.

That means you can do something in your 40’s and 50’s that may lower your risk of developing dementia in your 70’s and 80’s. It turns out that many of the habits that keep your heart healthy are also good for your brain. The research is indicating that a healthy vascular system seems to be a key component of both.

Surprise! Those heart healthy habits of keeping your blood pressure in check and your cholesterol levels and weight under control could also lower your risk of developing dementia.

There is, however, no magic pill or potion offering protection, so researchers are hopeful that this news may be the news that moves some people in the direction of healthy habits.


Free News is Good News

I like to promote healthy living tools in any way I can, so I wanted to pass along this great offer for nurses from The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). They’ve issued an invitation to receive copies of their award-winning women’s health consumer guide for female patients: “Every Woman: Your Prescription for Healthy Living,” at NO COST to your organization. AWHONN currently distributes this quarterly guide at no charge to 2 million women a year through nurses in clinical settings.

“Every Woman” is Rx-grade patient education written by leading nurse experts and the recipient of four national consumer health information awards. The goal of “Every Woman” is to equip midlife women via their nurses with the latest in evidence-based women’s health information. They want to help all women realize optimal health and well-being for themselves and for their families.

You can receive magazines starting January 2006 with issue #8. To qualify as an “Every Woman” site distributor you must see a minimum of 500 female patients per year in a clinical setting and agree to distribute two (separate) issues of “Every Woman” per year (sorry, this publication does NOT deliver to Canada, APO, AE, PR or PO Boxes etc. as they ship via UPS).

Again, AWHONN will provide your facility with this publication at NO CHARGE to you or your organization! “Every Woman” advances the mission of AWHONN to “promote the health of women and newborns” and would advance the health-oriented mission of your organization as well through excellence in patient education.

Questions? Call Alexa Newell at AWHONN headquarters at (800)673-8499 ext. 2457 or email or

Lots of GOOD NEWS Every Day

A couple of issues ago, I was lamenting the lack of good news. Well, things have changed and I wanted to share the good news. There’s a whole website of it called, Now, we can get all the happy news we want, every day!

Their motto is, “Real News, Compelling Stories, Always Positive. We believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news. That’s why we bring you up-to-the-minute news, geared to lift spirits and inspire lives. Add in a diverse team of Citizen Journalists reporting positive stories from around the world, and you’ve got one happy place for news.”

Try it, you might like it, too.

Holidays and the Living is Peaceful

It’s that time of year that combines the busyness of the holidays, with time off and year-end clean-up and reflection. As if we didn’t already have enough to do. As I’ve told a few of my friends, my Christmas cards are still at the store. My cookie cutters will stay in their boxes. In years past I’ve decorated enough angels and reindeer to make up for a lapse.

I simply refuse to be rushed this year or ruled by timelines or traditions. This is a new realization for me. That it’s time to rely less on tradition and be more in tune with what’s right for now, this year, this day. It was important to get gifts in the mail to the grandchildren and we accomplished that. Our carefully and joyfully planned Christmas Goose dinner for friends last Sunday night turned out to be dinner for two when a snowstorm kept our guests at home. We’ll do it another time, when perhaps it will be duck on the grill.

We’ll be up very early this Christmas morning, driving our friend Barbara to the airport most likely be calm and peaceful, just as Christmas morning should be. We’ll go home and let the rest of the day unfold. Perhaps we’ll print out some wedding pictures to send with New Year’s cards. Perhaps . . .

I was inspired by the way one of my clients signed off her email last week, “Hope you are gearing up for a holiday season that meets your needs and brings you joy.” I’m simply satisfied to be spending it as a newlywed.

Until next time, be good to yourself, create your holidays to meet your needs and bring you joy, for your good health and those you love.

Yours truly,

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