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Man on a Mission – Part 2: Compassionate Care

Aug. 3, 2017, Vol.15, Issue 7 In our last blog, I introduced you to Lee Tomlinson, cancer survivor speaker, and advocate for compassionate care. We covered his journey from thriving executive and adventurer, to thriving cancer survivor and speaker — sharing his story and passion for life, inspiring other cancer survivors. I told you then… read more

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Saving the Meeting with Laughter

Jan. 22, 2016 Vol.14, Issue 1 After a whirlwind holiday season, and now getting beyond the New Years resolution stage, I am glad to be returning to some sense of normalcy. For me that means back to business and a somewhat regular schedule. After my hip replacement in September, I’m back to yoga three early… read more

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For Your Well Being: Couples In It Together

Vol. 11, Issue 15, July 25, 2013 Dear Friends, Anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis, knows it’s not just about them. Whether we like (and accept) it or not, it’s a family (and friends) affair.  Cancer adds a huge stress to the lives of all involved, and research has shown that those who have… read more

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For Your Well Being: “It’s Just A Flesh Wound”

June 27, 2013, Vol. 11, Issue 13 Dear Friends, June is Men’s Health Month, and so I’m going to digress a bit and take the opportunity to introduce you to one of our wonderful male speakers — which is totally in line with our byline, “Your Go-To Source for Speakers Women Love.” Both women and… read more

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For Your Well Being: Comedy & Cancer

May 26, 2011, Vol. 9 Issue 5 Dear Friends, I just finished watching Oprah’s last show. Wow. It was one of the best motivational speeches I have ever heard. As a friend and I were talking about it afterward, she said, “It was all in there.”  Yes, it was all in there, all wrapped up… read more

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