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Tina Pruitt



"Tina Pruitt did an excellent job for us as our keynote speaker for our 8-city Pink Power speaking tour. She was warm and friendly in greeting our attendees in every city. Her presentation was informative and inspiring for our guests. Her ratings were excellent in every city, and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting her." Sherry Brisson-Jones, Events and Special Projects Coordinator, Vidant Health, Greenville, NC

Inspiring 3-time Breast Cancer Survivor Speaker

As an author, speaker, competitive athlete, entrepreneur, business consultant and mom, Tina’s mission is to inspire others to take control of their lives, own their personal power and create positive changes in how they think, eat and do everyday. Through the power and humor of her own personal story of three breast cancer diagnosis, she shares how the smallest, most subtle of changes can open the doors to a truly healthy and fulfilling life.

Tina shares her inspiring journey of her multiple diagnoses and her various treatments all the way to her current transformational strength-training regimen and to ultimately stepping onstage in a teeny, tiny sparkly bikini as a competitive athlete in her first bodybuilding contest in 2015. Audiences connect, relate and laugh with her at her foibles while being inspired by her contagious, bright spirit. They learn her personal tips for thriving in the face of any health or life obstacle as she highlights how to embrace exactly where they are, and how to get focused on leading an extraordinary life. Survivors, caregivers and guests will get access to her favorite techniques for personal “Thriver-Ship” and go home motivated to make irresistible changes in their lives.

Tina has appeared and been featured in numerous publications including Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, The Washingtonian Magazine, Max Sports and Fitness Magazine, as well as various online venues such as Crazy, Sexy Life and Sherold Barr. She was honored to be the exclusive 2012 keynote speaker for Vidant Health System’s breast cancer awareness events, and has presented at several MoDev events in the Metro DC area as a speaker and a panelist.

Most Popular Topics:

Pink Power – Change Your Experience

Tina shares the importance of recognizing your personal power to change your experience – whether you have a cancer diagnosis or just want to change the way you live your life for the better.  Her story and realizations from her wake-up call are related to the audience in a subtle way that helps them realize even subtle changes can have an amazing impact on their life experience. Audiences have raved about the delivery and the impact this made on their thinking, and their lives.


The Six Pillars to Fabulous Sur-Thrivership

Give up the need to fight, and embrace the need to heal. Love and healing are the steps to take you higher, but you will also learn the six pillars that help support your body to achieve its own unique optimum results, no matter where you are on your life’s journey.


Be a Successful “Mommy-preneur”

Working from home can present a big challenge for women, especially with children at home or in school. Learn how to effectively manage your online business success with real actionable tips and tasks that can be implemented today to get your business noticed online and attracting more clients that you adore! Tina provides a treasure chest of strategic gems that anyone can use to become more successful in record time.

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