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"Thank you so much for speaking at the 2012 Women's Health Focus and Baby Fair. Our audience loved you! Your message and presentation touched our audience in a positive and uplifting way. I also want to say personally what a delight you were to work with this year. We've hosted six different speakers over the years and you top the list for best and easiest to accommodate. I really appreciate you and the ease of working with you!" -- Jeanette Budding, Assistant Director of Communications and Development, Grinnell Regional Medical Center

Enthusiastic Motivational Speaker

Theresa Rose is a master inspirational performer who electrifies audiences from head to toe. With her authentic, hilarious stories and priceless nuggets of wisdom, she brings a profound message of personal empowerment, overcoming adversity and downright juicy living! Her mission is to help women move back into a state of balance and joy, and her partner on that mission is her beloved hula hoop.

Theresa’s superhero alter-ego is HoopWoman, a rambunctious firecracker who believes that we have the capacity to blow the doors off our potential and embrace our true awesomeness. Theresa’s one-of-a-kind, visually-stunning, laugh-’til-you-almost-pee programs are a yummy combination of storytelling, audience playtime, heartfelt inspiration, and real-life advice on how to fill our tanks. Of course, there is also serious hooping involved.

In addition to being a hardcore hoopdancer, Theresa is also a nationally-acclaimed speaker and award-winning author. In 2012, she was absolutely giddy at being named a top five finalist in the “So You Think You Can Speak?” competition at the Annual Convention of the National Speaker’s Association. Her giddiness was taken to a whole new level when she was chosen to deliver a TEDTalk on “The Hoop Revolution: How Joyful Movement Will Transform the World” at the TEDxSarasota event on 12/12/12. She is also incredibly proud to be a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association and serve as the Director of the Institute of Professional Speaker Development.

Theresa not only lights up a room onstage, she also brings some serious mojo to the page. Her first book, Opening the Kimono: A Woman’s Intimate Journey Through Life’s Biggest Challenges, is what Theresa would describe as “a PG-13 Erma Bombeck meets Sex and the City.”  Opening the Kimono won not one, but two fancy-pants literary awards including the Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writers Association and the Living Now Book Award from Independent Publisher. Theresa’s fresh, unorthodox articles on personal empowerment, spirituality and motivation have been published in dozens of magazines and journals, and she penned a sassy monthly column called “Sex and the Suburbs” for Creative Loafing newspaper.  Seen as an expert on personal power, Theresa has been interviewed by, NBC, Glamour, Fitness, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Day and many other publications.

Her formal education includes earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Eckerd College, a ministerial ordination from the Center for Sacred Studies, and a certificate from massage therapy school.  (She signed up for the last one because she thought it sounded really cool to give and receive massages every day.  She was right.) Her stories tap into her current life as a speaker, writer, spiritual director, wife and mom, as well as her past experiences as a massage therapist, healing center owner, corporate senior manager and VP, overachiever, over-eater, administrative assistant, temp, and drive-thru girl at Mickey D’s.

Theresa’s natural habitat is the stage, and her dream of making people laugh started as a wee child. Many a night was spent in the early ‘70s with Theresa lining her stuffed animals against the mirrored closet doors so they could enjoy yet another riveting performance of her singing, dancing and telling jokes into her pink hairbrush. The hairbrush has  since been replaced with a microphone and a hula hoop, but her child-like passion for performance and inspiration remain.

Even though Theresa is proud of her accomplishments as a professional speaker and author, she is most proud of the opportunity she has been given to serve as a cosmic alarm clock, helping women across the country wake up to their own magnificence.

After living all over the map, Theresa finally settled back into her beautiful hometown of Minneapolis. She is grateful every day for the life she enjoys with Emma, her precocious but lovable middle-school daughter, and Duncan, her King Charles Spaniel.

Most Popular Topics:

GET BIG: The HoopWoman’s Guide to Living Freely and Fully

The humble Hula Hoop. It’s not just a kid’s toy anymore! The hoop is also a powerful vehicle forpersonal discovery and transformation. Theresa Rose, a.k.a. HoopWoman, delights and inspires audiences by performing and sharing juicy lessons she has learned both in and out of the hoop. In this joyful, one-of-a-kind, visually stunning presentation, you will discover how to turbo-charge your energy and unleash your full potential. Hey ladies, it’s time to GET BIG!


Move in Joy, Live in Joy

Banish exercise forever! Join nationally-acclaimed speaker and award-winning author Theresa Rose as she helps you to supercharge your health and wellness through joyful movement. Learn how to maintain your momentum and reach your fitness goals by tapping into the inherent fun that play can bring. You never have to exercise one more day of your life, but you absolutely have permission to play!


Finding Your Mojo: The ABCs of Living in Abundance, Balance and Creativity

What is mojo? It’s that fire, that energy, that zest that makes life juicy! If you’ve got your mojo working, you are on top of the world: energetic, creative, and fulfilled. If you’ve lost it, you may have to look up to see the bottom: depressed, tired, overwhelmed, and unable to accomplish much of anything. In Finding Your Mojo, Theresa describes the extraordinary impact mojo has on our productivity and health, and she humorously shares some of her most insightful (and often embarrassing) life lessons.


Start Now, Grow Big for Women in Leadership

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then it’s time to Grow Big!  Theresa combines her background as a corporate executive, business owner, community leader and energy expert to help you increase your team’s engagement, cultivate a get-to culture of empowerment, encourage service-oriented execution and facilitate growth and expansion across your organization. Using her hoop as a metaphor for leadership, Theresa provides a compelling, visually-stunning program that will unlock hidden reserves of energy, enabling you to create the highly-productive, rewarding leadership experience that you desire and deserve. If you want to pump up the Fun Factor even more, have Theresa facilitate your very own HoopJam!

Start Now, Grow Big for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Are you ready for more? More customers?  More sales? More traction in your campaigns? Theresa “HoopWoman” Rose will delight and inspire sales and marketing professionals by using her humble hula hoop as a metaphor on how to increase customer engagement, enhance presentation empowerment, improve execution through a service-oriented sales strategy, and facilitate growth and expansion, both professionally and personally.  In this one-of-a-kind, visually-stunning program, you will learn what it takes to unleash your energy in order to create the career you desire and deserve.  Hoop on!


In addition to the topics listed above, Theresa can also deliver the following programs as a keynote, workshop, or seminar:

·  Manage Your Time Without Losing Your Mind
·  Staying Focused Amid the Tempests of Change
·  Walking Through the Fire with Pen in Hand


Highly-customized Programs

If the programs listed above aren’t quite the right fit for your event but you would still like to utilize Theresa’s talents, she is happy to create a performance that is specifically designed to meet your organizational needs and theme.

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