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"We have worked with Speak Well Being Group for several years, and when it comes to helping us find speakers – they have not disappointed. Our speakers are extremely well received and this was no different with our most recent speaker – Teresa Rhyne. As one breast cancer survivor attendee put it, “She struck the perfect balance. She was funny, but also was respectful of the fact that this is very emotional for some of us.” Simply put, Teresa was wonderful. She even stuck around and engaged nearly all of our attendees in conversation as she signed books for them. This is the 4th year we’ve held this event and this year, we revamped it slightly – and Teresa was a great addition!" Stephanie Marsau, Marketing Communications Specialist, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames, IA

“Teresa connected with the audience in an intimate way, sharing her perspective of being both a caregiver and patient. Her stories were inspirational and woven with a great sense of humor.” Autumn Bragg, Ba, CFm, Community Oncology Educator, Hulston Cancer Center, Cox Health

Breast Cancer Survivor and Animal Advocate

Teresa Rhyne had never considered her life to be inspirational—she always felt she fell more into the “warning to others” category. But, her life changed forever with one sound: AAAARRRROOOOO! Emitted by a beagle she later named Seamus, it signaled the beginning of a journey she could never have imagined, one that would lead to her becoming a #1 New York Times best-selling author and keynote speaker and motivator.

A natural born pessimist, and a lawyer (where cynicism is practically in her job description), Teresa transformed into a reluctant optimist through one unruly dog and two cancer battles. Teresa shares with audiences her unique story of how both her dog and she survived cancer. Her style has the unique combination of tenderness and humor, an occasional howl, and dashes of optimism and inspiration that still surprise her. Audience members find much to relate to in Teresa’s story of resilience, tenacity, and a deep (perhaps insane) love for a dog.

Following a divorce, Teresa set out to re-start her life. She had a new job, a new home, a newly rescued dog, and soon enough, a new boyfriend. But within a year Seamus the beagle was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and given less than a year to live, even with treatment. Teresa and Seamus decided to fight the disease together, and the beagle not only survived but thrived well past expectations. Soon after, Rhyne herself was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Both battles were long and difficult. But, throughout Rhyne’s treatment, Seamus was a four-legged touchstone, his successful battle paving the way for hers and giving her the confidence to persevere. Happily, Rhyne has had no evidence of the disease since that time.

Having spoken to breast cancer organizations, women’s groups, and even dog rescue groups across the country, Teresa’s message of hope and healing and starting over as many times as necessary was one that resonated with many people. Thus, she turned her story into a memoir: the inspiring, uplifting and surprisingly hilarious The Dog Lived (and So Will I). Embraced by both critics and fans, it became a #1 New York Times and international bestseller and has been translated into six languages.

Teresa Rhyne is a graduate of the National Speakers Association Academy and has shared her story with audiences throughout the United States and as far away as Barcelona, Spain. Clients have expressed how impressed they were that she was able to discuss such personal matters in a humorous and engaging manner. She has appeared on CNN, CBS, and WGN news segments, had been featured in More, Woman’s World, First for Women, Cesar’s Way, Breast Cancer Wellness, Suburban Dog, and other regional magazines, as well as countless regional and local newspapers.

In her sequel memoir, The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I), Rhyne details how her current beagles, Daphne and Percival, inspired her to adopt a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle. The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I) won the Pat Santi Memorial Friends of Rescue Award from The Dog Writers Association of America.

Teresa Rhyne is a lawyer, animal advocate, traveler, inspirational speaker, and breast cancer survivor, though definitely not in that order. She splits her time between Riverside and Paso Robles (both in California) where she resides with her partner Chris and their two adorable, spoiled beagles.


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