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"In a time of uncertainty and absolute chaos in health care, Suzie brings laughter and wisdom to situations that make us all feel human again. Using her infectious wit, she has inspired a countless number of our health care providers by empowering us to look at things from a fresh, yet simpler perspective. Suzie stimulates healing through laughter and teaches us that the mere acceptance of chaos can lead to profound wisdom and growth." -- Kathleen A. Stockham, President, The Foundation of FirstHealth, Pinehurst ,North Carolina

Motivational Humorist - You Can Do It Optimist

If ever a woman had gusto, it’s Suzie Humphreys. That’s gusto combined with a heart as big as Texas, the state she hails from, and an acute sensitivity to the humor in life’s challenges that makes her presentations sizzle. Suzie was a D minus student whose resume proves that an “I can do that!” attitude will overcome any lack of supposed qualifications. Her resume could compete with a deluxe box of Crayola crayons for color and creativity and serves as the fertile soil for the hilarious stories that fill her programs. She reminds us that we really can do anything when we put our minds to it and get up and do it. Her passion for learning not only how to be better, but to see things differently, is contagious.

Suzie’s background is as varied as her audiences. From administrative secretary to television talk show host, and 20 years in radio, she has hobnobbed with movie stars and politicians while maintaining her down home persona. She has made hundreds of commercials, and appeared in musical comedy and motion pictures. She has been fired, broke, and disappointed as well as gutsy, inspired and inspiring. She has been a petrified expectant mother at 40 years old and is a breast cancer survivor. When she brings all of this to the speaking platform, she lifts, jolts and nurtures her audiences and you can feel from their reaction, that they’re loving every minute of it! Her book, If All Else Fails, Laugh, is a provocative, gentle and humorous collection of Suzie’s one-of-a-kind escapades.

As a motivational and inspirational humorist, Suzie received one of the longest standing ovations on record from the National Speakers Association (NSA) when she spoke to 2,500 of her peers at their national convention in Palm Springs, California. In 2002, Suzie was inducted into The Speaker Hall of Fame at the NSA national convention in Orlando, Florida, and was awarded “The Council of Peers Award of Excellence.” In 2004, she was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and, as Suzie says, “All that for a D minus student! You never know do you?”

Suzie is about saying “yes” when it would be easier to say no. She is about teaching others how to motivate themselves and to see life through the eyes of optimism rather than fear and self-doubt. She is about believing that you can do anything you want to do and enjoy getting there, heartbreak and all! Whether it is the challenge of change or acceptance…in relationships or situations…in the home or on the job…Suzie helps people to rise to the occasion with all the vigor and enthusiasm that living life fully demands.

Most Popular Topics:

I Can Do That!

Suzie has a way with laughter, poignant stories and jump-start inspiration, of confirming that fear doesn’t have to be the motivating force that stops us from living life to it’s fullest. We say we will “one day!” One Day comes and goes and we are left regretting that it was not life that passed us by at all but rather our decision to LIVE IT! This is about saying “yes” instead of “no”…about not telling ourselves “We can’t,” “It’s too hard,” I’ll never be able to”… This presentation is perfect for corporate, education or anyone who needs a lift up not from outside, but from within.


Life is What Happens to You While You’re Making Other Plans

Take a roller coaster ride through Suzie’s failures at breakneck speed and discover at the end of the ride that those same failures turned out to be the “very best things that ever happened to her.” This is her most requested topic and is for anyone who is going through depression, cancer treatments, divorce, job change or demand…anything that forces us to grow. Hilarious, moving and unforgettable.


We’re ALL Walking Around With IT!

In a day and age of new ailments, old regrets, fears of growing old and anticipation of growing up….our mind is turned upside down by fear and regret. In fact, we’ve become so used to being “unhappy or scared about something” that we consider it normal. Facing those fears is exactly the trick to shrinking them! Rather than trying to escape them….what if instead, we just confronted and accepted them? After all, “before a situation can be transformed it must first be accepted!”


Looking for the Laughter!

Finding the humor in the midst of desperation, anger or fear is not an easy task. Sometimes, however, we are able to see it years later…in looking back. How wonderful to see it during the chaos. As always, Suzie’s stories are probably yours, just told in a different voice!


Please Pick Up After Yourself, Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here!

We all have those people in our lives. The ones who are in our face and know how to push our buttons. It does, after all, boil down to relationships! Suzie shares the most significant of hers and frankly and humorously tells how she learned to focus on what is right about others. If you’re willing to change your thinking…this is the presentation.


Suzie: Where is Your Faith?

This one hits close to home. It centers around her twelve-year-old son who went to bed happy and well adjusted and woke up at thirteen, possessed! For the next five years, she and her husband couldn’t get him to do it the way they wanted him to do it. This is about letting go and learning to quit trying to control everything and everybody in our path. Suzie’s strong faith is the constant in her very busy life. She shares how she invites God into everything. He is not just “an occasional” companion when you need Him…but an ever present source of strength and joy and humor and courage when you’re called upon to be more than you ever thought you could be!

All of these topics are available for Keynote, one-half day or full day presentations. They are also available as gift pack C.D.’s.

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