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“I still receive feedback from people who were blessed by listening to Sue Kirby “Celebrate the Ordinary,” at our Women’s Expo and employe presentation. Sue’s storytelling is absolutely delightful. She shared stories many of us could relate to and many participants were in stitches by the time she was finished. Committee members were pleased with not only with her performance but also her passion and desire for being here with us. I can truly say that when Sue came she brought all of her and then some. She took the time to become familiar with our community and definitely went above and beyond our expectations. I personally feel as though I hit the jackpot; I not only was able to have our participants (and Gundersen Lutheran’s administration) rave about Sue and her message, I feel as though I have gained a friend in the process. I feel blessed to have met such a dynamic woman and would highly recommend her to others looking for a phenomenal speaker.” --

Christie Skime Harris,
Wellness Specialist,
Gundersen Lutheran,
La Crosse, Wisconsin,
Celebrating Women Expo

Witty and Perceptive Wise Women's Humorist

Sue Kirby is one hilarious woman who takes her experiences and wise, witty, perspectives to the stage as an inspiring motivational speaker. She’s the harried housewife, the muddled mom, the wacky friend who takes time out from life to celebrate the ordinary.

Sue is best known for her wildly funny and sharply perceptive insights on the hard won victories of everyday living. Do you remember the last time you heard an outlook on life so ingenious you couldn’t help but pass it on to others? Within minutes of hearing Sue, audiences quickly find themselves repeating her trademark phrase, “It doesn’t matter!”

With indomitable humor and a feisty spirit, this sassy mother and professional urges all women to believe in themselves. Sue’s brand of wisdom is ageless, speaking to women from all stages of life.

She is the author of Men’s Secret Camp – Timeless Traditions and Tribulations of Family Life and Love and has been featured in numerous publications such as Redbook, Brides West, and the Los Angeles Times.

Full Demo Audio Program available. Please ask.

Most Popular Topics:

Celebrate the Ordinary

Sue’s one-of-a-kind presentation empowers all of us to “Celebrate the Ordinary,” and enjoy life by letting go of self-made stress. A premier storyteller, Sue inspires men and women alike to discover the best in themselves and others with her practical, life-enriching tips. Using her special blend of wit, wisdom and humor, participants will learn how to lighten up stress-filled situations at work and home through developing humor and gratitude in their daily lives.


Please Pass the Trophy

This presentation creates a double blessing whether it’s for your career, your home life, or friendships. Sue’s insightful perspectives reveal unique ways to catch people doing something right, and that’s great for business, good for your heart, and makes everyone in your life feel wonderful. Make your life a winner’s circle and watch the bottom line to business go up and the joy quotient with friends and family increase.


Men’s Secret Camp

Imagine a camp setting where men learn to talk, think and behave the way they do. Sue has discovered the camp and is ready to celebrate the understanding of the attitudes and differences. There’s no need for the battle of the sexes, just adopt Sue’s special strategies for keeping the peace. A powerful and laughter-packed session for men and women.


From Frenzied to Fabulous

Feeling frenzied, frazzled? Fizzled out? You don’t have to be caught up in the spin cycle of life. Ease up and let Sue Kirby lead you on the way back to sanity. A master of life’s up’s and down’s, Sue will show you how to take it all in stride, finding ways to re-charge through embracing simple acts of joy, appreciation and gratitude. Life is a whole lot easier when you’re laughing along with it. Come along for the joy ride and go home feeling fabulous.


SPECIAL TOPICS for Nursing/Healthcare Appreciation Events:

Burn Brightly Without Burning Out

Hats Off to You and Rubber Gloves, Too

Please Pass The Trophy!

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