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Sandy Queen

Take a Walk on the Lighter Side of Life

Take a walk on the lighter side of life as Sandy Queen helps you explore ways to understand the importance of laughter to well being. Sandy professes that a sense of well being is a function of our ability to lighten up and cherish our lives instead of stressing through the motions. And when it comes to looking at the status of women and wellness, Sandy has plenty to say, that is if you can hear her through your own laughter.

Because of her energetic stage presence and great sense of humor, Sandy is known internationally as a dynamic speaker. Her insight into human nature along with over twenty years of experience in training and development, education, healthcare and parenting helps her connect with her audiences on an intimate level.

Throughout her workshops and keynotes, Sandy’s ability to use humor, even for serious topics, has gained her a widespread reputation for helping participants take a look at their lives, attitudes, and feelings, and find places to lighten up, both personally and professionally.

Sandy has worked with people, from pre-schoolers to seniors, corporate to community groups, throughout the United States and around the world. She is well-known for her work with young people in helping them become leaders. She brings an important message with a light manner to all those she meets.

She is a mother, a grandmother, an educator, and a speaker, but most of all, a person dedicated to helping people reconnect with a sense of their own uniqueness.

Most Popular Topics:

Lighten Up: Maximizing Health and Well Being Through Laughter

Most of us misunderstand the nature of humor and laughter. Many consider humor a “stand up comedy” routine of life. However, unlike comedy, which makes fun OF people or things, humor finds laughter IN the common life experiences we all share.

This delightful presentation/workshop helps participants take a look at their lives, attitudes and feelings and find places to “lighten up” and take a different look at their humanness.

This is an excellent presentation for business, school or community groups. It can be presented as a keynote or can be extended into an all-day or multi-day workshop/training session


The Wit and Wisdom of Women

What does it mean to be a woman in today’s world? What are our goals? Where are we going? What do we want to accomplish? Who ARE we? Who IS that looking back at us from the mirror? This session takes a lighthearted and laughter-filled look at who we are as women–where we have come from, where we are and where we are going—and how to gain some balance in our lives for the journey.

It is about owning our power as women so that we can best care for those important to us by first caring for ourselves and understanding ourselves as women…and doing it all with a sense of humor.Come be reminded and refreshed as we look at our sources of humor and wisdom!


You Don’t Have To Be Superwoman To Be A Super Woman!

The one word that often describes women is fragmented. As we have made strides into the men’s world, we have taken on more duties, while still maintaining 90% of the home duties. As we try to be all things to all people, we often lose the one thing that is necessary for us to succeed—BALANCE. As women, we have been given a host of messages about what it means to be a successful, actualized person…and many of these messages have lead us to frustration and lowered feelings of self-worth.

This lighthearted and informative session looks at ways to avoid the “Superwoman Syndrome” by evaluating what is really important in our lives and how we go about taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of all there is out there…and, is it all so important anyway? Come along for an enjoyable journey through the Perils and Pitfalls of the Superwoman!


Life is not A Diagnosis

We are our own greatest allies. Our lifestyle choices offer us the greatest hope for feeling great and being well physically, mentally and emotionally. Wellness is more than the absence of disease or the elimination of symptoms. It is a positive state of mind as well as a way of life. It is evidenced by harmony in body, mind, emotions and spirit and mostly by our ability to look at life as an adventure and not a diagnosis.


Humor as Healer

As sense of humor has been know to tip the balance form illness to recovery. Being able to respond with humor and laughter in a stressful situation may alleviate both physiological and psychological pressure. Sandy Queen shares ways to apply humor in the healing professions, as well as in our daily lives.


“He Said = She Said” — Communicating with the Other 50%

Communicating with the opposite sex – in spite of our best efforts. It continues to mystify, frustrate and surprise us – as it does them, also! In spite of the frustration, we continue to strive to have successful relationships. While it is possible to make too much out of the differences between men and women, it is also possible to not take them seriously enough.

Men and women differ in the ways they think, process emotions, make decisions and learn. And yet, we complement each other so well that a healthy relationship benefits both partner, whether personal or professional. This session takes an informative, yet lighthearted look at ways we can understand ourselves as women better, as well as understanding the things that bring us closer to and separate us from, the other 50%.

Parenting Topics:

Parenting: How to be a Parent and a Human, Too!

Roots and Wings: Building Community for Ourselves and our Children

Parents & Teens: Or, I’m Outta here! Can I borrow the car?

The Parent-Teen Dis-connection


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