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“On behalf of the St. Francis Foundation Board of Directors and the special event planning committee, thank you for serving as an outstanding keynote speaker at our Heart Truth For Women Luncheon.

“Our theme this year was to focus on the healing qualities of laughter. Your presentation, “Wake Up and Smell the Heart Disease, What Every Woman Needs to Know” met this goal by providing humor plus inspiration and education, while promoting a pro-active approach to heart-health awareness. Rudy, your physical and therefore, emotional journey is inspiring! Additionally, your ability to simplify technical, medical terminology and procedures is impressive and appreciated.

“We received “rave” reviews for your experienced stage presence, your graciousness and your genuine sincerity. The extra touches such as taking the time to sign autographs and personally meet our guests helped to make our event a huge success!”

— Helen Reinking, Director of Development, St. Francis Foundation

Heart Health Motivational Humorist

Hailed as the Erma Bombeck for the 21st Century, Rudy Wilson Galdonik is a menopausal mom with an attitude. A tad shy of bionic, she is a lifelong heart patient with $40,000 worth of equipment in her chest, installation extra.

Rudy is a three-dimensional expert on being sick – she has been the patient, the caregiver of a patient (she was widowed at the age of 42), as well as a hospital Human Resource Manager. She understands the challenges, emotions and issues of being sick. Her passion is to couple this expertise with humor to encourage people to take charge of their health and to live each day as a gift.

Rudy’s unique perspective is also a valuable resource for the medical community. She understands the pressures, problems and challenges of those committed to working in healthcare. She helps audiences see challenges and obstacles as opportunities for growth and she inspires people working in healthcare to grow in both their personal and professional lives.

Take Heart! Rudy’s debut essay collection chronicles the struggles, joys and hilarity that come from spending way too many hours tethered to a heart-lung machine. Two essays from Take Heart! have been re-enacted for a new television show called Ultimate Blunders to be aired on TLC.

As co-chair of the American Heart Association, Rhode Island Chapter’s Women and Heart Disease Committee, Rudy has been instrumental in spreading the word about the risks and prevention of the Number One killer of both women and men. In 2003, Rudy received the American Heart Association’s Heart of the Year Award. She also serves on the national board of directors of the Adult Congenital Heart Association and she is a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Most Popular Topics:

Wake Up and Smell the Heart Disease; What Every Woman Needs to Know

Are you looking to:

  • Educate women about the risk factors associated with heart disease?
  • Inspire women to take charge of their health?
  • Get women to stop and think the next time they light up a cigarette or super-size that meal?
  • Entertain women with laugh-out-loud humor that could one day save their life?


Then, you are looking for Rudy Wilson Galdonik.

Rudy is a lifelong heart patient with over $40,000 worth of equipment in her chest. She is a master storyteller and she uses humor to educate, inspire, encourage and uplift women. When your attendees go home . . . they will think twice about their life choices. Rudy gets women to take action! This program can be designed as a powerful, memorable keynote or a longer information packed workshop. It will not only empower your audience, this program has moved meeting planners to take action about their heart health!


Help I’m Drowning, Throw Me a Laugh!

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday rush and fail to see the humor all around. Employees perform better, relationships thrive and overall satisfaction increases when we take time to laugh at our circumstances and ourselves. This program focuses on the use and power of humor. It can be used as a keynote or a workshop. It is recommended only for groups that would like a strong focus on having a good time.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why humor is crucial to our wellbeing.
  • Ways to incorporate humor when times are tough.
  • What to do if you are devoid of a funny bone.
  • How to better see and appreciate the “small” things in life.

Serious Business – How Humor Adds to the Bottom Line

No matter what business you are in, you are in the people business. Creating and working in a culture that mixes fun with work will result in a significant impact on every aspect of your business. It not only attracts and endears customers, it encourages creative thinking, and helps retain your most valuable asset – your employees. Whether you are a company owner or a worker-bee, adding humor to your life and your work will help you accomplish more while having fun at the same time.

This program focuses on the effective mix of humor and work in a high-pressure, deadline-oriented workplace. This interactive workshop is intended to create a working environment which enhances creativity, reduces stress and increases employee morale. Creating a humor culture can be one of the least expensive, most effective ways to increase profits, enhance problem solving, and creativity, and improve communications and employee wellness.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to take their work seriously and themselves lightly.
  • Why humor incorporated into the workplace can be the key to your success.
  • How other organizations have successfully incorporated humor into their work culture, and what you can bring back to your own workplace.
  • Why some co-workers are laugh-out-loud funny and others barely crack a smile and how to effectively work with any of the temperaments.
  • What constitutes appropriate versus inappropriate workplace humor and how to respond when that line has been crossed.
  • How to utilize humor to create a loyal customer base.


You Gotta Have HEART!

Why is it that some people experience adversity and challenge and not only survive but seem to grow better and stronger, while others struggle and are consumed by similar or lesser events and circumstances? When faced with challenge and change, how you choose to look at an experience determines your ultimate outcome. HEART. . . humor, empathy, adaptability, risk and trust; five essential ingredients to living your best life. Rudy uses humor and lessons learned from two open-heart surgeries to offer insight and inspiration to audiences facing personal or professional challenges.

Attendees will learn:

  • Understand the power of identifying and focusing on core beliefs.
  • Rewrite memories using the “humor mode.”* Create goals that focus on growth rather than defeat.
  • Open up to possibilities that result from life’s challenges.
  • Utilize the power of imagination.
  • Celebrate “the little things,” something that’s easy to overlook during tough times.


“You’re half-dead. Take two aspirin and get some rest . . . dear” — Becoming Your Own Best Healthcare Advocate

This workshop educates and empowers audiences to become responsible patients. If you dread going to the doctor, feel you are misunderstood or ignored by medical personnel, feel overwhelmed every time you are sick, then this is program is for you. Using humor and story-telling, Rudy encourages audiences to make their health and well being a top priority. It provides specific tools to create lasting dynamic relationships with medical professionals and it provides insight into the role of caregivers which will result in a healthier, more content life.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to take charge of their health.
  • How to communicate effectively with medical caregivers.
  • How to prepare for every medical exam.
  • How to find the best doctor for your particular needs.
  • What your rights are as a patient.
  • How to become an empowered patient.


You Are What You Eat! Tips and Techniques to Healthy Eating

Food is intended to be fuel for our bodies; however, for many of us it is a source of comfort and reward. We look to food to be our companion, our entertainment and our friend. With obesity running rampant, it’s also killing us.

Rudy Wilson Galdonik is a lifelong heart patient. Her husband has been a diabetic for over 35 years. With their combined health histories, you could say they are having a contest to see who dies first. But Rudy, a gourmet cook, has been cooking since the 3rd grade. She’s loves to entertain and she’s not willing to sacrifice flavor or enjoyment in order to eat healthy. In this workshop, Rudy shares tips and techniques that she has learned and developed over the years which add health without making food boring and tasteless.

Attendees will learn:

  • Ingredients every heart-healthy kitchen should have.
  • Cooking time savers that don’t sacrifice flavor.
  • Ways to redesign your favorite recipes to reduce fat and cholesterol.
  • Shopping tips to get the most food bang for the buck.
  • What treats that will satisfy that sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank.
  • How to make healthy choices when dining out.
  • How to get your kids to make healthy eating choices.

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