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"As I sat amongst our six hundred guests, I glanced around the room and could not help but notice how utterly absorbed and awestruck everyone was. You spoke about your experiences as a breast cancer survivor in an uplifting and inspiring manner. Your video journey through breast cancer, documenting everything from diagnosis to surgery and chemotherapy, left many of us speechless but yet hopeful at the same time. You showed us that with love, faith, and a positive attitude, it is possible to get through breast cancer and come out stronger and better than before."

Having you speak at our event exceeded all of our expectations. I hope that someday in the future our paths will cross again.

-- Tali Rosen,
Executive Board Member,
Day of Caring

Surviving Cancer with a Smile

Patricia San Pedro is an upbeat media executive and winner of 3 Emmies, who has spent her entire life creating value through her career, charitable work and personal life.  She’s been a corporate communications leader, entrepreneur, two-time published author and non-profit volunteer passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. A native of Havana, Cuba, she grew up in Miami Beach and graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in Mass Communications and Marketing.

San Pedro’s busy life came to a screeching halt when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, the same disease that had taken her young mom’s life, 20 years earlier. From the moment of her diagnosis, however, she saw her cancer as an opportunity . . .  something that was brought to her life for a reason. Even when it seemed like the world could potentially cave in on her, she turned it around, choosing to look at the gifts, blessings and insights that came as a result of this difficult challenge.  She now uses her story to inspire others.

Ms. San Pedro shares her story internationally as an inspirational speaker in settings that range from hospitals to conference centers, boardrooms and ballrooms, and houses of worship.  She encourages audiences to live positive and purposeful lives with connection to Spirit, so they can bring forth happiness, balance, harmony and fulfillment at work and in their personal lives. Her message is authentic and powerful, and is sure to move and inspire those it reaches.

Pat’s 2011 book The Cancer Dancer – Healing: One Step at a Time, published in English, Spanish and Portuguese, is a Breast Cancer Journal of Hope & Inspiration filled with Patient-to-Patient & Caregiver Tips To Walk You through Your Healing, One Step at a Time. The Cancer Dancer was given to every performer and every presenter at The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards®.

In October 2011, Discovery  Home & Health and Discovery Familia aired a one-hour documentary on Pat’s Healing Journey called “Why NOT ME”. She’s been featured on other national TV shows such as EXTRA TV and many other media outlets.

Previously, in May 2005, San Pedro published her first book, Dish & Tell: Live, Love and Secrets (William Morrow/Harper Collins), co-authored with several friends known as the Miami Bombshells. As an outgrowth of the book, San Pedro produces “Camp Bombshell,” a women’s-only weekend retreat where women are encouraged to relax, recharge and make time for themselves.

Most Popular Topics:

Surviving Cancer with a Smile

Pat shares her uplifting personal healing journey through breast cancer. Whether the audience consists  of healthcare professionals, individuals on a healing journey, or anyone going through their own challenges in life, Pat’s speech will bring perspective that leaves participants enlightened, inspired and hopeful, no matter what difficulty they are going through in their own lives. We all have the opportunity to live an empowered life and to chose joy as a goal, whether we’re dealing with health issues, financial worries, or death of a loved one, divorce, etc. It’s our choice.


Work, Play, Balance?

Some may think that balance is baloney, but in this 365 day-a-year, 24/7 world, something’s gotta give. Pat shares her methods of balancing work and personal life and overcoming challenges and adversities. A keynote speech by Pat on this subject can be a very effective way to introduce or reinforce work-life integration into your organization and your life.


Woman to Woman

Pat shares her personal story of the Miami Bombshells, her co-authors on her first book, and demonstrates the power of women to overcome challenges, support one another on our journeys  and help others in the process. Whether talking to a group of women business leaders, a woman’s charitable group or spiritual organization, Pat shows how female friendships and partnerships can provide  loving opportunities for personal growth and support while accomplishing mutual goals.


Serve Your Community, Grow the Bottom Line?

Pat shows companies how being of service can actually generate profits and increase customer loyalty. This is good business, not only because it makes ethical sense, but because it can improve your company’s bottom line while also increasing the commitment and motivation of your employees.



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