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Megon McDonough

Musical Performer & Speaker, You Will Do Amazing Things

A gifted musician, Megon McDonough has expanded her talents to keynote speaking and innovative workshops that inspire people to bring out the best in themselves and others – as her song says, “You will do amazing things.”

Megon is best known for her work as an inaugural member of The Four Bitchin’ Babes which allowed her wit and folk sensibilities to comment on the ups and downs of everyday life. She has performed on stages as varied as The Cellar Door and Carnegie Hall. She is an accomplished comedic actress having appeared in numerous theater productions including, Pump Boys and Dinettes, Beehive and a box office record-breaking starring role in Always… Patsy Cline, for which she was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson Award. She won an ACE Cable TV award for singing the theme song of an HBO Olympic ice-skating special and has recorded for a Danielle Steel Made for TV movie.

Folk lovers may remember a 17-year old Megon opening for such acts in the 70’s as John Denver, Steve Martin and Harry Chapin. But Megon classifies her music as folk/cabaret, citing her love of theatre and jazz as the reason for the unusual mix. Born in Illinois, she was one of nine theatrically inclined children. Her Irish-Catholic parents both had careers in the performing arts. She wrote her first song at 11 and was inspired to play the guitar and sing after watching The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Ever since, her mantra,” Live to sing and Love to Sing” has guided this wife and mother from Chicago.

Megon has nine solo albums to her credit. With her most recent album, “My One and Only Love,” she realized a lifelong dream of recording jazz and torch songs. Says the Washington Post of her latest release, “Here we find McDonough in her true element, sensitively reprising such standards as “Here’s That Rainy Day,” “If I Had You” and the title track.” She has also performed on five compilation albums and released five albums with the Bitchin’ Babes. She has just completed “4+1” Music Inspired by The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Accompanying herself on guitar, piano, percussion and recorded backtracks, her songs combined with humorous stories and commentary on everyday life create lively, warm and inspiring programs of fun and insight! Her years of experience and a true passion for singing, song crafting and performing insure that Megon will leave you and your audience uplifted and inspired to do “Amazing Things.”

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You Will Do Amazing Things

“You’re on the right track…

No need to look ahead or back…

Just enjoy what this day brings…

You will do Amazing Things.

(From Amazing Things by Megon McDonough and Jana Stanfield)

In her talk “You Will Do Amazing Things,” Megon reminds us of the amazing accomplishments we have already achieved (and just might be taking for granted), and all those yet to come. Through humor, music and hilarious true stories (like the night Frank Sinatra kissed her), you will be inspired and encouraged to express the Amazing Things that enrich your life and the lives of those around you.


I Want To Hold Your Hand

When I was 10 years old The Beatles saved my life Right there in our living room that fateful winter night As I watched in rapt attention this new and wondrous art They performed their psychic surgery linking my vocal chords and heart (From Beatle Love by Megon McDonough) In her talk; “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” Megon takes us back to the place so many of us remember with the fondest of memories; The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. In this talk she weaves a terrific tale with original music of the pivotal time when she found her “calling” (the nuns had already tried recruiting her and her classmates in the 2nd grade for the convent!) But she saw The Beatles and heard another calling loud and clear!

Through humor, music and hilarious true stories; (like the night Frank Sinatra kissed her) she will inspire you, entertain you and quite possibly remind you of that pivotal point in your own life when you heard your hearts desire.



You Will Do Amazing Things

“With the choice each new day brings…

And with every breath you take…

Bless the progress that you make…”

Question: When was the last time you gave yourself a good pat on the back? Chances are you’ve given yourself a “good talking to” but little kudos. In the “Amazing Things” workshop (better known as a “play shop”), you will reconnect with all the wonderful, Amazing Things you’ve done in the past, and you will be filled with inspiration for the Amazing Things to come. With the use of stories, music, and Improv games, the atmosphere is perfect for relaxation, fun, and learning. Join us for fun and games – literally – as we explore the Amazing Person you truly are!



“Her Way” An Interesting Bunch of Gals

Starring Megon McDonough and Featuring Peter Polzak and Big City Jazz

“Her Way” is an evening of music, humor and memories that will have you grinning, singing and asking for more! Megon honors some of the wonderful women who paved the way for every young girl who dreamed of making singing their life’s path. She sings the songs and shares the stories of some of her favorite Diva’s including:

* Edith Piaf* Billie Holiday* Doris Day* Connie Francis* Patsy Cline (Megon was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for her role in Always…Patsy Cline for Northlight Theatre)* Karen Carpenter* Cher* And Joni Mitchell

Then sings the songs of her current favorite singer/songwriter: Megon McDonough.

Megon’s power, range and ability to vocally convey emotion put her far beyond the average singer. She adds a Midas touch to American Popular standards while masterfully blending her witty humor and snappy patter with Jazz, Pop, Country, Folk and Rock for a Cabaret experience you’ll never forget.

With an ensemble consisting of piano, bass, drums and saxophone, Peter Polzak and Big City Jazz set the stage for a fabulously entertaining evening of entertainment. The chemistry between the musicians and Megon is magical and electrifying.

Megon McDonough’s “Her Way” (An Interesting Bunch of Gals) highlights some of the most prolific and memorable female singers of the last 60 years.


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