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“We couldn’t be happier with Mary and strongly recommend her, not only as a keynote speaker, but also as a partner who will strive to make your event the very best! Mary worked with us, a group of dedicated women with no experience in planning such a large event, from the very beginning – counseling us on marketing and timelines, creating radio spots, uplifting our committee when we needed a boost. Mary also attended many of our meetings via teleconference and kept up to date on meeting minutes and our progress. She was very much a member of the team! We couldn’t have had such a successful event without her support, expertise, encouragement and participation!” —
Martha Airth-Kindree,
Co-Chair, Women’s Night Out,
Women’s Health Initiative of Juneau County,
c/o Mile Bluff Medical Center

Inspirational Author, Women's Health Advocate

Interesting and interested, that’s Mary Marcdante. This engaging woman lives up to the title of her latest book, Living With Enthusiasm: How the 21-Day Smile Diet Can Change Your Life. And her talents as both an excellent writer and articulate speaker, have been revved up another notch since she became a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL).

Mary’s programs on women’s health, communication, stress management, appreciation, and self-discovery bring solutions leavened with lots of laughter to conventions, community events and healthcare conferences. In Mary, you will experience warmth, compassion and heart, right alongside simple strategies and time-tested techniques for relieving stress and improving communications. Mary helps people deepen and expand their appreciation of themselves, their relationships, work, and life – all with a light heart and sincere empathy.

Her other books include, My Mother, My Friend: The Ten Most Important Things to Talk About With Your Mother and Inspiring Words for Inspiring People. She is a contributing author to four best-selling Chicken Soup for Soul books and A Woman’s Way to Incredible Success in Business. She’s a welcome media guest on national TV, radio, print and internet shows and is a grand prize winner in Self Magazine/Lady Footlocker’s “Realize the Dream” contest for her work in helping women realize their potential.

In her mother-daughter program, she shares the healing journey she has been on since her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer as well as her own hysterectomy at age 43 as a result of a cervical cancer. (P.S. She’s happy to report a clean bill of health!). “Thousands of questions and 400 personal interviews later,” Mary says, “it is clear that health is the number one topic most women need to talk about with their mothers — and most often avoid or overlook — followed by money, aging and death and dying. My Mother, My Friend gives women the skills, confidence, and language to talk about these important issues positively and gracefully.”

Mary brings grace, humor, insight and enthusiasm (of course!) to life and the programs she joyfully delivers.

Most Popular Topics:


Staying Inspired Through Challenge and Change

Dealing with challenge and change is a given in today’s world. How well we respond to that challenge and change determines our success or failure. Discover what successful people do to keep themselves inspired, energized and creative on a daily basis.

This is a powerful, interactive program to get people back on track, thinking with a leader’s mind, and inspiring them to take on new challenges and impending change with enthusiasm.


Lead and Live with Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm, however you define it, is at the core of all success. Whether you’re hoping to achieve a big dream, heal your body, find peace of mind, influence a client, push for a promotion, derive more pleasure from your community or church, or have deeper committed relationships with those you love, enthusiasm can help. Strengthening people’s “enthusiasm muscle” keeps people mentally and emotionally fit and raises morale at work and home. Based on Mary’s book, Living with Enthusiasm.

Highly interactive, informative, and entertaining. Great for an opening keynote or breakout session.



I’m So Glad You Asked: The Power of Appreciative Communication

Appreciative communication is the single most powerful tool we have to create what we want in life and help others create what they want. Words can move people forward or hold them back. This information-packed program inspires people to go beyond small talk, create more connected and meaningful conversations at work and home, and talk comfortably about what is most important to them. This is a highly participatory, insightful and inspiring in-the-moment program and audiences love it!

This is a great keynote, and even better, a half-or full-day seminar or retreat for team-building, customer service, and personal development.



Press Any Key to Continue or Quit …

Technology is designed to increase our productivity and improve our health. Vacations are meant to rejuvenate us. Project teams and flex time are implemented to avoid burnout and strengthen relationships. So why are U.S. companies spending over $200 billion a year to treat employee stress? One of the key reasons: Lack of daily positive reinforcement. This life-saving, interactive, and fun program gets participants making immediate and lasting lifestyle changes during the program.

A great keynote or breakout session to help balance a highly technical meeting, conference, or convention.



Let Your Laughing Heart Lead the Way

This inspiring and delightful program demonstrates the powerful relationship between laughter, health, and success. Research shows that Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women. Cancer accounts for nearly one-quarter of deaths in the United States, exceeded only by heart diseases. Depression affects 19 million people annually and the numbers are increasing every year. Research also shows that a daily dose of laughter and joyful emotions can help prevent these diseases, relieve the stress associated with living with these diseases, and increase overall health, happiness, quality of life and longevity. A great program for Heart Health events.


Turn Stress into Success with The Smile Diet

This program combines the best of Mary’s research and programs on stress, communication, appreciation, and laughter along with the real-life success stories of people who did the 21-Day Smile Diet, and took action to change their lives, creating unique and remarkable results for themselves, their families and organizations that anyone can duplicate for greater happiness and health. Based on Mary’s book, Living with Enthusiasm: How the 21-Day Smile Diet Can Change Your Life.

This is an inspiring, entertaining program that has audiences thinking, laughing, and taking positive action. Great for Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Health Keynotes, and Community Networking Events. If you’re planning a Girlfriend’s Weekend Retreat, this program can be a full-day or 2-day event.



My Mother, My Friend

Thousands of questions and 400 personal interviews later, it became clear to Mary Marcdante that health is the number one topic most women need to talk about with their mothers — and most often avoid or overlook — followed by nine more topics including money, aging and death and dying. My Mother, My Friend is based on Mary’s book by the same name and gives women the skills, confidence, and language to talk about these important issues positively and gracefully.

A perfect keynote program for Women’s Health and Leadership Conferences, Appreciation Luncheons, Holiday Brunches, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Or create a special Mother-Daughter event for your organization!


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