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Martha Ramos Duffer, Psy.D.

Bi-Lingual Womens Wellness Expert

Martha Ramos Duffer, Psy.D. is a dynamic and vibrant speaker who inspires and equips people to successfully access their inner strengths, wisdom and clarity to enact their goals and live their dreams. Dr. Ramos Duffer is a licensed clinical psychologist, motivational health and wellness speaker, trainer, coach and consultant based in Austin, Texas.

She is the owner and founder of Quantum Possibilities, which provides a broad array of consulting, training, coaching and therapeutic services focused on personal and spiritual growth for individuals, healing and joyful relationships for couples and peak performance and healthy systems for organizations. After earning her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Baylor University, she has taught undergraduate and graduate psychology courses at several universities in Texas, served as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization focused on social and economic justice, provided psychological services through various agencies, hospitals and her own private practice, and spoken widely nationally and regionally.

She has worked with varied local, regional and national organizations, developing programs and providing training to their Boards of Directors and Staff, helping them gain the skills and create the systems necessary to sustain a healthy workforce and carry out their missions more effectively. A frequent guest on Univision’s Despierta Austin and keynote speaker at conferences around the state and nation, Dr. Ramos Duffer has become a sought after speaker and trainer in the areas of motivation, empowerment, growth, communication, multicultural competence, health and wellness.

Languages: Spanish and English

Most Popular Topics:

Transformative Leadership: Leading through inspiration and authentic power

Effective leadership is vital to the success of all organizations. Through this presentation participants learn the keys to embodying true leadership that inspires loyalty and excellence. Participants will gain an in depth understanding of personal power and integrity and their connections to effective and transformative leadership.


Thriving through Wellness: Strategies to Transform Stress and Access your Motivation, Joy and Best Work!

Through this presentation participants learn practical and easy to implement strategies to prevent and transform the potentially toxic effects of stress on their success, health, relationships and happiness. We begin with an overview of the latest research on the neurochemical and biological impact of stress on the body and offer an overview of cutting edge research in working with stress to support success and thriving. We then explore the research on ways of relating to the self that lead to expanding possibilities and fully cultivating potential. Participants will learn strategies to enhance motivation and reconnect to the joy in their lives, relationships and work as well as proven techniques to support peak performance in the workplace and overall well-being.


Creating and Sustaining Healthy and Thriving Work Cultures

This workshop offers cutting edge research and information demonstrating how to improve employee morale and performance through transformative self-care and the creation of wellness-based work cultures. We will explore the bottom line return on investment of implementing worksite wellness practices as well as proven methods to break through common barriers. Participants of this workshop will learn how to make maximum use of key health and wellness information along with innovative strategies in motivation and human choice making to successfully establish and maintain research proven wellness practices in their own lives. In addition, through a discussion of the process of developing a wellness program, our experience with the evolution of this type of program and lessons learned along the way, participants will learn how to implement a broad array of resilience fostering strategies in their own organizations from simple systemic and environmental wellness changes to comprehensive wellness programs. We will show how a wellness program can become an integral part of the effective operation of participants’ organizations, serving as a vital source of inspiration, support and skill-building for the staff.


Building Self-Awareness, Focus and Motivation for Self-care and Success!

Often we find ourselves with the information that we need to take care of ourselves in one hand and the best of intentions in the other, only to be disillusioned when we don’t actually put this information into practice. Participants will learn key concepts from current research on motivation and behavioral economics to successfully turn their intentions into actions.


Transforming Trauma: Burn-out and Secondary Trauma Prevention

Research is just catching up to what people in the helping professions have known experientially for centuries. Working with trauma and crisis can create a trauma response in the helper that leads to an array of trauma symptoms and eventual burnout. In this vibrant presentation participants learn to use the latest research from interpersonal neurobiology and neuroscience to create proven self-care practices to prevent and heal secondary trauma. In addition (if applicable), participants will learn how to implement a broad array of resilience fostering strategies in their organizations


Ethics and Boundaries for Professional Success

Ethics and Boundaries trainings and information are often considered boring or unnecessary because the vibrant connection to the joy and success of the work is often not made. This training will show participants how ethics and boundaries can actually be a tool to reconnect with the passion and fervor that first brought them to their work. The application of sound ethical decision making and setting healthy and consistent boundaries can play a key role in preventing burn-out and keeping relationships with clients, co-workers, and supervisors healthy, enjoyable and productive. The first goal of this training will be to help participants make these connections and see ethics and boundaries as vital tools to protect them and empower them to do their best work. The second goal will be to equip participants with the information they need as a foundation to the strategies they will be learning. This information includes applicable codes of ethics and ethical principles underlying all ethical codes and understanding how these relate to ethical duties to their clients, co-workers, organizations and themselves. The third goal will be for participants to gain and practice the necessary skills to apply ethical decision making and boundary setting in their daily work through learning and applying decision making models and strategies for working through ethical dilemmas.

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