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Mamie McCullough, PhD



“Mamie has been the keynote presenter for Komen’s Pink Ribbon Celebration, our annual survivor celebration of life, on two occasions. She was so popular with our audience the first time that we brought her back. She is such an inspiration to everyone, having overcome so many obstacles in her own life. She takes her audience from laughter to tears and back again and sends the cancer survivors in the audience home with messages of hope and courage!  Everyone went home remembering the bee who aerodynamically can’t fly but does anyway!” --

Dana Curish, Executive Director,
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Central Indiana,
Indianapolis, IN

The "I Can" Lady

Mamie McCullough, PhD, is a motivational and inspirational keynote speaker known as the “I Can” lady. She’s the author of several popular books, including I Can. You Can, Too!, Get it Together — And Remember Where You Put It, and I’m Not Waving … I’m Drowning.

Mamie’s timeless messages provide inspiration that resonate with school, church, business, women’s and community groups. She leaves audience members from grade school age to senior adults laughing out loud but with new passionate visions for the future where “can’t” just isn’t an option.

When Mamie was three years old, her father died, leaving Mamie and her eight siblings and a suddenly widowed mother to keep things together in rural Georgia. Although Mamie’s mother did not have an education or resources, she was determined to keep her family together, and she did.

The entire family worked together, but clearly it was no easy feat to put food on the table and to buy the basic necessities like clothing. The family did, however, manage. Love, hard work, and God pulled them through.

Mamie did set off for college, although she had no idea that she’d need to pay for education. When she discovered that college costs money (and a lot), she did the proper Southern thing and went to the President to let him know that she would be heading home. It would not be polite to simply pack up a sack and head home. The President of the college offered assistance, and Mamie worked her way through. She then became a very successful business woman, later shifting over to education and, ultimately, to motivational speaking to help others.

Life was looking good, but Mamie’s husband died suddenly of a heart attack. Like her mother, Mamie had small children and was suddenly alone. She did have her education and a successful career, so she forged ahead and continued to focus on helping others.

Although Mamie was fortunate to have many people reach out and help over the years, ultimately, her success rested in her own hands and heart. It wasn’t always easy, and she admits that there were moments (only brief) when she wanted to toss in the towel.

Today, Mamie is based in Dallas, Texas and expands her mission of hope to all ages. After all, we all harbor the need to find the inner strength to believe, whether we are little children finding our way, teens stuck in a rut, or adults who have lost that magical “I Can” attitude.

Mamie brings a spirit of lasting renewal as well as humor and inspiration to groups of all ages and sizes. Participants leave rejuvenated, and Mamie’s ageless messages provide ongoing confirmation that: “Yes You Can!” Mamie McCullough is a speaker who can touch the hearts of any group and provide hope and inspiration, but she has a real knack for reaching out to women. She understands the hopes, dreams, and fears that come with being female. As a nineteen-year breast cancer survivor, she is an inspiring breast cancer event speaker.

If you’re looking to recharge members of your organization or need a personal jumpstart, Mamie offers fresh, passionate, and humor-laced messages that provide hope and spark a new way of looking at life. Failure isn’t an option and all dreams are possible. Mamie McCullough provides those she touches with the wisdom and tools to “bee” their very best.

Most Popular Topics:

Secrets to Success

Mamie knows that women have dealt with many of the issues she has faced. Some women tell her that they can relate to the stories she shares. Others simply nod. They know where Mamie is coming from. The key message Mamie shares is: “I Can. You Can Too.” She wears her bumblebee pin to remind herself that all things are possible.

Mamie McCullough also provides tips for women who need a boost:

* Choose positive attitudes.

* Cultivate your talents.

* You can overcome “impossible” circumstances.

* Always live with enthusiasm (and keep a sense of humor).

* Visualize outstanding success and true happiness.

* Bee-lieve and make your dreams your reality.


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