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“First and foremost, your presentation was fantastic. I knew we were in for a treat when you started us with all the clapping and dancing. Your sense of humor, fun exercises, and personal stories helped to bring home your positive message. You tailored it so well to our language. My team totally related to what puts them on ‘Dimmers’ and what makes them ‘Shimmer.’ We now use the terms around the office and applied some of the principles you discussed. They walked away empowered and so did I. I now have a sign on my door that says ‘Those that Shimmer—welcome.’ Can’t fault a girl for trying!”
- T.G., L’Oréal Cosmetics, AVP Retail Sales, Company Store Division

The Bette Midler of Women's Empowerment

Keynote motivational speaker Lois Barth shares powerful solutions delivered in a playful way. Attendees consistently come away feeling more empowered while having specific tangible actions to positively affect their lives and their communities. Her ability to present to a variety of women, in corporations, small businesses, or raising families, make her the go-to speaker for women who long to create a life that lights them up!

Lois grew up hearing her mom’s drive-by pearls of wisdom: “Lois, people are like computers; how they respond depends on which buttons you press.” Her response? “Mom, I asked you to pass the Lucky Charms. Must we have a ‘learning moment’ at 7:30 AM?” While Lois made a joke of it, it was clearly in her DNA to understand how people learn, communicate, feel celebrated, and are motivated to thrive.

What started as a personal passion ended up as a professional more-than-20-year career. Her journey to Human Development Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Provocateur/Jester developed via health care practitioner, actress, comedienne, singer, storyteller, plus a whole slew of “odd jobs” as an oversized Girl Scout, life-size Barney and—her claim to fame—singing telegrams in a gorilla suit with a Mae West accent.

Often referred to as the “Bette Midler of Women’s Empowerment,” Lois uses humor, stories and science in her high-energy interactive programs to “provoke” her audiences to fire their inner perfectionist, turn lousy life lessons into luscious life lessons, and get out of their “discomfort zones” so they can have the Courage to SPARKLE. She does this not only by sharing her professional expertise, but by using the same principles that have helped her maintain a forty-pound weight loss for over twenty years, overcome debilitating stage fright and chronic negative self-talk, and navigate the rocky road of career challenges and running her own business.

Her new book, Courage to Sparkle: The Audacious Girls’ Guide to Creating a Life that Lights You Up (Oct. 2016), is a go-to, smart, sassy, and sophisticated guide that teaches women how to be their own champions both personally and professionally.  The book is packed with compelling stories and case studies, interactive exercises rooted in psychology and brain science, and LOIS-isms (Lessons, Opportunities, Insights and Solutions). Her SPARKLE principles, known as GEMS, help women clarify what lights them up, how to express their most audacious self, and design a life that is fulfilling. Lois’ motivation meets methodology has been gleaned from her work with over 800 coaching clients as well as her presentations to tens of thousands of people as a performer and a motivational speaker.

Lois has a BS in Human Development, multiple coaching certifications, and was the life coach for three national makeover campaigns; SELF, Fitness, and FITSTUDIO (Sears) in which, thus far, 1.8 million people have participated. Lois is the “Stress Less…SPARKLE More” Lady for C.T. Style TV (ABC affiliate) and has been published and quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, and, to name a few. She has spoken to groups at L’Oréal, the Red Cross, Capital One Bank, the Society of Women Engineers, and the United States Navy, among many others, and is a contributing writer for three anthologies about women and empowerment.

Most Popular Topics:

Courage to SPARKLE: Creating a Life that Lights You Up
(Signature Keynote)

Just as a gem will SPARKLE when it’s reflecting the light, so do we, as women, shine brightly, when we share our brilliance, our radiance, and our light with those around us, benefiting ourselves, our careers, our families, and our communities. Happy Woman, Happy Planet.

Just as a gem is multi-faceted, so are we! Are your passions, skill sets, and You-nique gifts being expressed in both your personal and professional lives? Or does chronic perfectionism and trying to be all things to all people instead of putting your own priorities and dreams first cause your SPARKLE POWER to go south?

In this high-energy, highly interactive program, we clarify what makes us *SPARKLE,*each in our own YOU-nique way. You will uncover the beliefs that undermine your*SPARKLE*and daily actions that support it, creating a life that brings with it the most joy and fulfillment.

In Sparkle Power Principles, your participants will come away with methods for:

  • Firing your Inner Perfectionist
  • Accessing your Purpose, Passionate and Playful Self
  • Expressing and advocating for yourself in a more powerful way
  • Shifting your environment when your SPARKLE POWER has gone south
  • Creating a SPARKLE SUPPORT SYSTEM that keeps you lit up.


This keynote is perfect for an opening, closing, or plenary session at women’s empowerment, leadership, and entrepreneurial conferences.

From Dimmers to Shimmers: Stress Less… SPARKLE More

It’s easier to remain focused and not over-react when you’re feeling calm and relaxed. But what about the other 90% of the time, when life intervenes with all its challenges and stress?

Juggling all of the obligations, responsibilities, and pressures you deal with in a day, it’s easy to feel like you’re chasing after your life rather than powerfully living it.

In this highly interactive and fun program, you will learn how you can distance yourself from Dimmers (negative people, challenging situations) and surround yourself with more influences in life that make you Shimmer (self-care, supportive people, dreams realized, etc.).

Your participants will come away learning:

  • How to shift to a productive (versus just positive) mind set
  • Easy-to-apply ways to hit the pause button on stress
  • How to communicate effectively during a stressful time
  • The importance of humor in dealing with stress to create greater resiliency


As your organization or team gains greater mastery of dealing with stress, the results are a total win-win for you and them:

  • Greater productivity
  • Connected team
  • Healthy work culture
  • Effective communication
  • More engagement with their projects, responsibilities, and goals


Ideal for organizations and teams where relieving stress is essential to productivity, morale, and better communication.


You’re Not Falling Apart, You’re Breaking Open! Using Change to Reboot and Revitalize Your Life

Change is occurring at record speed and affecting people on a profound level, both personally and professionally. Whether your company is being restructured, your former jet-setting lifestyle is being reduced to a moped budget, or your empty nest is making you want to fly the coop, let’s face it: change is inevitable, uncomfortable, and messy. Change brings with it both enormous challenges and endless opportunities.

The challenges can include heightened stress, chronic health issues, low productivity, and poor teamwork. But the opportunities are boundless, from creating innovative ways of doing business, new perspectives and insights, and stronger relationships, to a greater sense of priorities. Ironically, when we embrace and even celebrate the messiness of change, life can become less messy and more magical.

In this humorous keynote, we look at how closely the process of change for humans parallels the butterfly’s resistant but rich metamorphosis or melta-morphosis (feels like you’re having a meltdown but you’re really giving yourself wings to fly). We examine each of the six stages the caterpillar goes through to become its best bold butterfly self, and how those speak to your own transformation, incorporating powerful as well as practical exercises that will help you to do the same!

Your participants will come away with the following benefits:

  • Being energized by change rather than afraid of it
  • Recognizing the opportunities for growth for themselves and their teams
  • Greater well-being and focus
  • A clear structure for effectively embracing and moving through change


Ideal for any organizations, groups, or associations going through major transitions and needing support and tools for dealing with change.


Chocolate Isn’t Fattening; Self-Criticism Is: Loving Yourself Through Thick and Thin

Is a big chunk of your sense of self based on what you look like?

Does your Size 6-16+ closet look like the autobiography of a chronic dieter?

Do you find yourself high when the scale is low, and in the cellar of self-esteem when the number is as high as your best stock investment?

Do you find yourself “weight-listing” your life, putting off buying that dress, getting back “out there” until you “feel better about yourself”?

While working to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself through an honest assessment of your eating and your exercise is important, there is one key component which is often missing. A terminally “fat mind-set,” by which you get “weighted” down by chronic negative self-talk about yourself, your abilities and appearance, is often the biggest contributor to staying in this vicious cycle. Conversely, when you decide to learn how to love yourself exactly the way you are, and choose to live your “future thin life” now, magic happens, and the by-products are often a natural inclination to adopt better healthy habits and vibrancy from the inside out.

In this humorous but spot-on presentation, Lois shares how getting her PHD—Painful, Horrific and Daunting—in Yo-Yo Dieting which caused her to almost double her weight (120 lbs. down to 91 pounds and up again to 180 pounds) in less than 2 years, led her to the greatest gifts of all: self-love (imperfect but ongoing), self-awareness, and the one thing that eluded her all those years—a healthy way to live that resulted in a 40-pound weight loss that she’s maintained for more than 20 years.

Your participants will come away with the following life-changing concepts and skills:

  • How to give your overeater another job (it does serve a purpose or else you wouldn’t do it)
  • It’s less of what you’re eating and more of what’s eating you that contributes to chronic weight gain and yo-yo dieting
  • Self-Acceptance is NOT the same as Self-Rationalization
  • Finding a way of eating and exercise that really works for you


Ideal keynote for a health and wellness conference where you want to add an innovative spin on living a healthy life from the inside out.

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