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Lisa Smartt



“Lisa was WONDERFUL!! Fantastic speaker, great person, very funny! Everyone loved her. We had microphone issues and it didn’t faze her. Remarkable person. She’s going to be hard to beat!!!” --

Sherry Turchetta, Community Education Specialist,
Altoona Hospital, Altoona, PA,
Annual Women’s Night Out

The Smartt View: Life, Love and Cluttered Closets

Lisa Smartt is a 53-year-old woman who loves to laugh!  Born in a small town in West Kentucky, she now writes a weekly newspaper column from her home outside Dresden, Tennessee.  She lives on 16 wooded acres with her husband of 28 years, two teenage sons (who sometimes fight), two dogs, and two male cats who desperately need Prozac.

Public speaking has been Lisa’s passion for more than fifteen years.  She has spoken to groups around the country on subjects like “Finding Contentment in a Discontent World” and “We’re All in the Same Boat, So Grab a Lifeline.”  Her future aspirations include organizing her purse, eating more green leafy vegetables, and cleaning out the hall closet. She believes laughter is a gift and LOVES to share with others her personal weaknesses, struggles, and the sheer JOY of daily living!

Her first book was released in 2007 entitled, “The Smartt View: Life, Love, and Cluttered Closets.” In 2012 she entered the fiction realm with a funny romantic book called “Doug and Carlie” which highlights the antics of a tall, funny, insecure, chubby, southern woman on a quest for love (very little research required). The book was well received and the following sequels have since been released: “Doug and Carlie’s Love Conspiracy,” “Doug and Carlie: Matchmakers on a Mission,” “Doug and Carlie: Lessons in Love.”

Most Popular Topics:

Hope for Women Who Can’t Find their Keys:  Confessions of an Imperfect Woman

Women come in all shapes and personalities! Some lose their keys (that’s me). Others lose their patience (okay, me again).  We all lose our minds from time to time (absolutely, me).  How can we laugh at our absurdities and differences and give each other a much-needed break? Laugh out loud as you hear the confessions of the “queen of imperfection” and you might just find the courage to press on with joy.


I Thought I was a ‘People Person’…Until I Started Working with People

Why doesn’t everyone think like me? Why do certain people bring my evil twin to life? What can I do to keep from committing a felony crime against an aggravating co-worker, client, or family member? Take heart. You are not alone. Sometimes it helps to laugh about our interaction with others while journeying toward solutions. This humorous presentation offers practical and pivotal life skills which will turn our relationships with people in a more positive direction (and keep us from committing a felony).


Anti-Aging Solution?  I Don’t Think So!

The flyer in the mail seemed so innocent. “You can turn back the hands of time. Just buy our creamy anti-aging solution.” Turn back the hands of time? Anti-aging solution? It became a pivotal life lesson. Would I want to turn back the hands of time? As a culture, why are we so fascinated with youth? How can we begin to look forward to the rich experiences and wisdom of growing older.  This talk has been delivered to senior groups with great success. Turn back the hands of time? No thanks. It’s onward and upward for me.


Embracing Failure on the Road to Success

I failed my first driver’s test. I can’t do Algebra. I get lost easily. I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained the same 30 lbs. So, why not give up? Every human being fails. Most of us fail often. Wise people learn valuable life lessons through the process of failure…lessons that will pave the way for a successful future. Feel like a failure? Maybe you’re just a few steps away from the greatest success you’ve ever known.


Lookin’ for Love in All the Wrong Places (high school, college, singles)

Is it “real love” or just a bad case of heartburn?  In the midst of these powerful “love feelings,” what are some questions I should be asking? How will I know when I’m ready to make a lifelong commitment?  What are the character qualities every potential mate should possess?


We’re All in the Same Boat:  So, Throw Out a Life Line

Do you find yourself being critical? Unforgiving? Unyielding? Insecure? Are you tired of feeling bogged down and disappointed?  When we realize we’re all in the same boat, it’s easier to “play well with others.” It’s also easier to rebuild self-esteem and start heading a new direction. So, grab your deck shoes and realize that none of us are perfect.  A life line is waiting.


Why Are We Afraid of Doctors?

When asked to speak at a doctors’ meeting, I was horrified at the prospect.What motivational message could I possibly share with this group of intimidating professionals? That’s when it hit me!  My fears were universal. Most of us are terribly afraid of doctors. But, why? My passion to answer that question produced a speech which highlights the fears, insecurities, and funny moments we experience as we deal with medical professionals. It also includes a heartfelt word of appreciation.


Three Things Grandpa Knew

High school and college students make up Generation Y. High tech. Fast pace. Low tolerance for boredom. Immediate gratification. Enormous potential. In my own humorous quest to understand a new generation of Americans, I was amazed at the things we still held in common.



Romance and Marriage

Is romance dead?  Is marriage destined to eventually become “routine” and boring? Can emotional wounds inflicted by a spouse ever really be healed? Why did God make men and women SOOO different? How does sex fit into the overall plan of life? And why is it so important? Is there a purpose to marriage beyond just personal happiness? Marriage is a subject that can be both humorous and extremely intense at the same time. God offers a word of hope and encouragement for all women on this tender and important subject.


Contentment in a Discontent World

Is it possible to live in freedom and contentment in a culture that uses phrases like “starter home” and  “you deserve more?” Can satisfaction and rest be found despite trying circumstances? I find that women (myself included!) experience real struggles with contentment. This talk is a humorous journey through our current culture….and a loving reminder from a fellow journeyer that we are not yet home. God offers an incredible peace and purpose to counter a culture that continually tells us we desperately need “more.”


Friendship 101 OR I Wanna Love My Neighbor…but Her Dog Got in My Trash

Ever wonder why some people attract friends like a magnet? Does God have anything to say about friendships and relationships? What are the keys to meaningful relationships with other women?   How does God use friendships (even difficult friendships) to teach us some of the most valuable lessons in life?


Connecting with God

Do you often make “resolutions” to spend more time praying, reading God’s word…only to find yourself sad and discouraged over your personal failure? As one who made many “resolves” over the years only to find those “resolutions” broken, this is a talk that’s dear to my heart. A few years ago, He gave me a fresh peace and rest that comes not from personal performance…but, from understanding Him in a whole new light.


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