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"Actually, Linda Larsen was not what he had expected and hoped for. She was far and above more than we dreamed she would be. Linda’s presentation flew by and felt as though it was only 10 minutes. She kept the women in our audience totally focused on her presentation. They cracked up laughing. They heard an entirely new way of looking at their lives and themselves. They danced with abandon when she called on them to, and they left thrilled they had joined us for the day. We had a wonderful event, and Linda Larsen was the icing on that delicious day. Anybody anywhere would be very blessed to have Linda – no doubt of that." -- Pamela Rittenhouse, Director of Marketing, North Florida Regional Medical Center, Gainesville, Florida

Positively Speaking . . . A Very Funny Lady

Funny motivational speaker Linda Larsen gets results with people by helping them upgrade their thinking, and improve their communication skills, while laughing all the way to success. She does this in such extraordinarily fun, fast-paced and memorable ways that she is sought after around the globe by meeting planners looking to blow people’s socks off at their annual conferences.

Funny motivational speaker Linda LarsenLinda’s passion and spontaneous humor stem from over 20 years as a professional actress in film, television and on the legitimate stage. Her experience and training (she holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of South Florida and a Master of Fine Arts from FSU) give her the unique ability to combine the entertaining, dynamic aspects of live theater with practical, high-value content to produce lasting, positive changes. What makes Linda so sought after is her “Funny Factor.” Maybe it comes from performing in comedies along side Sid Caesar, Beau Bridges or Ed Harris (OK, perhaps he’s not so funny…). Maybe it comes from just having a bit of a whimsical, skewed look at the world, but Linda can find humor, comedy and hilarity in almost any situation and is more than happy to share that perspective with her audiences. The result? People REMEMBER information that is set to a backdrop of laughter and fun.

Her critically acclaimed book, True Power, is the riveting and true story of how she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint by an escaped convict for over 5 hours. Her escape, and the positive, practical strategies she used to rise above one of life’s most potent challenges led Investor’s Business Daily to feature her in its Leaders & Success column. And yes, she can even tell THIS story with moments of strategically placed humor.

Linda is the author of 5 video programs, and 2 audio programs, including the popular 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem (over 80,000 copies to date). She has also written or been featured in over 100 articles in such publications as The Chicago Tribune, Women in Business, and Personal Excellence. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional, (CSP), an earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers to recognize demonstrated commitment to the speaking profession through proven speaking experience. Only 175 women worldwide hold this designation.

She lives in beautiful Sarasota, Florida with her meteorologist husband (a/k/a the Weather Muffin), 4 wacky dogs, 1 plucky cat and Buster the Big Alligator.

Most Popular Topics:


YOU! Super Hero! Super Star! Super Exhausted! – NEW!
How to Effectively Help Others Without Frying Your Golden Goose

(This high energy, fun session is particularly well suited for people in the healthcare and service industries, and for all women’s groups)

With all of life’s fast-paced, high stress demands, it becomes very easy to put ourselves rock-bottom last on our own “to-do” list.  And the result?  Compromised health, exhaustion, frustration, strained relationships, depression, guilt, and acute crankiness. In this incredibly funny, fast-paced and potentially life-saving session, attendees will learn practical, doable strategies that they can immediately put to use to bring more focus, mental acuity, good health and happiness into their lives.  They will recognize what they have been repeatedly doing (with the best of intentions) that adds to their stress levels, and how to proactively change those behaviors.  They will also leave knowing:

1. The number one thing most people do AUTOMATICALLY (many times a day) that takes them to the breaking point – and how to stop it!

2. One powerful technique to help them shift their emotional state from cranky and irritable to peaceful and relaxed within minutes.

3. How to say “no” without feeling guilty – in such a way that actually BUILDS relationships rather than compromises them.

4. Why “the pursuit of happiness” is not only a worthwhile goal – but a potentially life saving one as well.

5. How to turn “shark-infested waters” into gentle pools of happy angel fish (or… how to turn cranky people into happy ones!)


Dancing to the Beat of My Heart

As women, we seem to be WIRED to take care of every thing and every one who even appears to need to be fed, watered, cleaned, consoled, tuned-up, organized or taken to the vet. The result is that we have little, if any, time to take care of ourselves, resulting in exhaustion, stress and poor health. This funny, inspiring, energizing session is designed to give women very specific tools to help them fill their lives with more joy, happiness and great health. Using music, dancing, humor and interaction, attendees will learn:

1. How to put themselves first when they need to – without guilt, anxiety or trauma

2. How to better manage their emotions when people don’t behave

3. The number one sure-fire way to get in a positive mood

4. Two things that will bring them happiness and joy faster than anything else

5. The one innate “skill” that we have – that actually causes us problems


Staying Right Side Up When Everything’s Upside Down — Healthy, Happy Living in a Hurry-Up World

In this fast paced, FUN, presentation, audience members will learn how they can achieve MUCH greater physical and emotional health and reduce a lot of life’s heart-damaging stress – by increasing their “Happiness Quotient.” Linda’s riveting stories and hilarious anecdotes will give them very practical ideas to help them skip the light fantastic right over life’s most challenging obstacles and make much better choices to support their own heart-health. They will also learn:

1. The two top activities guaranteed to take them from misery to joy – instantly!

2. How they can resist succumbing to other people’s negativity and agony

3. One of the biggest things that we AUTOMATICALLY do that causes major stress in our lives – and how to stop it.

4. The number one tool to help people gain more control of the time and their life – and accordingly – their health!

5. The well known psychological principle that can either set them up for success or smash them into smithereens

6. Why the “pursuit of happiness” is not only a worthwhile goal – but a potentially life-saving one as well!


Playing to Win It’s Not Your Mother’s Playground Anymore

The rules in business today have changed. And yes, you can break the rules if you choose, but first you must know what they are. In this workshop, participants will learn the different ways that men and women approach situations and how they can adapt to meet challenges and solve problems effectively. They will investigate how, as women, they can position themselves for success – and actually strengthen relationships with others at the same time. Additionally they will learn:

1. 25 distinct differences in how men and women think and behave

2. How to ask for what they want in a way that works

3. Specific communication techniques that are a MUST when communicating with the opposite sex

4. 30 common mistakes most women make and how to avoid them

5. 7 keys to enjoying healthy competition6. Non-verbal body language that helps you get what you want – and that which undermines you.



All presentations and titles will be tailored specifically to your needs. While most are keynotes, several of them can be half day workshops (up to three hours). They can also be modified to be gender specific and/or re-titled. Linda will speak at length with the meeting planner and 3 or 4 of the organization’s high performance members to further customize her presentation.

Dare to Soar! — 5 Keys to a Life of Power, Passion and Pizzazz!

This is one of Linda’s most requested keynote presentations. Audience members listen and laugh as Linda shares stories and strategies designed to help them fly with their ideas and soar to new levels of joy, passion and fun. People leave with a clear sense of how they can rise above anything that life throws in their path. Extremely inspiring and motivating! Using the metaphor of flight, participants will leave knowing:

1. How to create a personal vision for their life that gives them enthusiasm, passion and commitment

2. Why people get locked in to behaviors that don’t serve them and how to overcome that propensity

3. How to get in, and stay in the driver’s seat of their life

4. How to use their thinking to create the exact emotions, behaviors, and results that they choose

5. How to take100% responsibility for their lives – and most importantly – the interpretations they place on what happens to them in their lives


Gripers Complainers & Whiners, Oh My! — How to Deal with Chronically Cranky People

They’re everywhere! We work with them, live with them and do business with them. And the truth is that they can make our lives miserable AND negatively impact our bottom line if we don’t know the most effective ways to deal with them. In this fun and lively session, participants will learn:

1. How to ask for what they want in such a way that dramatically increases the odds they will be heard and complied with

2. How to keep calm when tempers start to flare

3. Three human commonalities that they MUST know before they speak to anyone – cranky or otherwise!

4. How they can dramatically turn an irritable person into a pleasant one – by using Linda’s “Success Cycle”

5. How to de-escalate any disagreement


Never Mind Mars & Venus – What Planet Are You From? Understanding Generational Differences and Making Them Work For You

Each of the four generations possess unique characteristics, attitudes, expectations and communication styles, and the more you know about each one, the more successful you will be at accomplishing your professional and personal objectives and creating a mutually satisfying and rewarding working environment. In this action-packed, funny and enlightening presentation, participants will not only learn how to quickly recognize the people with whom they work (or live), but they will also walk away with a tool-box filled with techniques to help them get what they need and want from others. They will also learn:

1. The number one tool to help them truly understand the perspective of someone from a different generation

2. Seven “judgment calls” that will set them up for disaster every time

3. What we all share in common – no matter which generation we’re from – and how to use that commonality to your advantage

4. Very specific “Words That Work” with people from all four generations

5. How to communicate for connection and understanding


The Extreme Performance Makeover — Going from Satisfactory to Stupendous (This has also been titled: The Extreme Attitude Makeover)

Linda kept hearing, “I have great people. They are fighting a really tough market, and they are feeling stressed, burned out and overwhelmed. And unfortunately those feelings are showing up in their attitude and their performance. I need something that will 1) let them know how much we appreciate and value them,  2) be motivating, entertaining and make them feel absolutely great, and 3) actually give them valuable, lasting tools for continued performance improvement.”

Flying into action, she created this extremely fun and content-rich presentation that has rapidly become one of her most requested. In this session people will learn:

1. How to stay positive in the face of bad news or negative people

2. How to see possibilities when others see problems

3. How to determine, and stay focused on, creating very specific desired outcomes

4. How to prevent others from pushing their buttons

5. How to treat others with kindness and respect – even when it would be most justifiable to do otherwise

6. How to recognize how they may have unwittingly been contributing to the very problems they are complaining about – AND how to take responsibility for creating a positive change!


The Science of Happiness — The Fast Track to Outrageous Business Success (This can be subtitled, “The Fast Track to Outrageously Positive Results)

We all know that happy people are generally healthier, live longer, and demonstrate more courage, creativity and determination than their less happy counterparts. But did you know that there is a proven link between happy staff and customers? Happy people at work translates to less turnover and absenteeism, fewer complaints, higher sales and glowing referrals to others. This fast-paced, fun workshop will give you a tool-box full of excellent ideas on how to create a happy, healthy, productive work environment – the kind that is filled with positive energy where people LOVE to come to work, LOVE to solve problems and LOVE to go the extra mile. In this exciting presentation attendees will learn:

1. The latest research that explains why we “automatically” respond positively to certain people – and how to use that information to their advantage

2. What successful advertising firms know about the “happiness” factor and how they can use that information to generate massive sales

3. How to increase their happiness, their employees’ happiness and their customers’ happiness – resulting in win-win experiences

4. The #1 strategy proven to take them from instant misery to instant happiness5. Ten easy activities that will result in generating and sustaining states of happiness


The Art of Providing Positively Outstanding Customer Service — How to Create Unprecedented Buyer Loyalty

Every single person in your organization IS your organization. Does everyone understand the vital role they have in creating and keeping customers who want to do business with you for life – AND refer all their friends to you? In this information-packed presentation people will learn very specific skills to help create the kind of environment that makes people LOVE you and your product or service, and sing your praises to anyone who will listen. Attendees will learn:

1. Three things about every human being that they MUST know before they ever interact with any customer

2. The #1 thing people will ALWAYS remember about their experience with you

3. The customer service words that work miracles – and the ones that create problems

4. How to de-escalate any potential problem really quickly

5. How to say “no” to a customer, or decline their request in such a way that actually leaves the person happy

6. The information that customers pick up about you before you ever open your mouth – and how to make that information the right stuff!


The 7 Principles of Powerful Persuasion — Mastering the Art of Getting to “Yes!”

Whether we are trying to sell someone on our point-of-view, our product, or our service, there are vitally important elements that we must employ before we ever open our mouths. Based on Linda’s work as a trial consultant (helping attorneys get juries to accept their position), and her 3 year success as the #1 sales person for SkillPath Seminars (out of 350 people), this information is absolutely essential for anyone who desires to get others to say “yes!” Motivating, practical and fun! Participants will learn:

1. How people make decisions in the first place – and how you can use that information to your advantage

2. The biggest mistake you can make when trying to sell someone on your point of view

3. What people must absolutely believe about you before they’ll say “yes” to your suggestion, offer or request

4. The #1 most important quality that you must express in your interactions with your potential buyers

5. How to create instant rapport with anyone, any time

6. Why it’s crucial to understand what the other person’s “language” is before you ever start to speak


Innovate! Generate! Accelerate! — Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights of Creativity

In business today we cannot rely on past successes to keep us going. We must be continually thinking ahead, and in different and more creative ways. In this workshop, attendees learn how to inspire individuals, teams (and themselves, if necessary!) to new heights of productivity by challenging old assumptions and shifting perspectives. This presentation gives people the 5 essential tools they need to break out of their comfortable little boxes and be exponentially more creative. Interactive, fun and revealing! Attendees will also learn:

1. The #1 thing that stops most people from expressing their creativity

2. Twenty-one no and/or low cost ideas that will inspire people to go beyond what they think they can do

3. “Killer Phrases” – What they are and why they absolutely MUST be eliminated

4. The one essential creativity ingredient that is absent in most uninspired, uncreative, lackluster workplaces

5. Why change is resisted so fiercely – AND, how to get people to actually welcome it!

6. Ten qualities of highly creative people – that you ALREADY possess. How to bring them out of hiding and put them to work for you


Staying Right Side Up When Everything’s Upside Down Achieving Excellence in Challenging Times

It is absolutely possible to achieve excellence when the world around you seems to be falling apart – IF you know the secrets. In this fast paced, fun program, Linda will give participants practical ways to light their own fire of excellence and motivate themselves to take positive, consistent action when they just want to give up. Attendees will learn what the most successful, effective people throughout history have all known and consciously applied. They will leave knowing:

1. How to acknowledge and enhance skills they already have

2. How to recognize, own and change behaviors that don’t serve them

3. How to stay level, calm and professional when their instincts make them want to scream

4. How to communicate effectively to resolve differences

5. How to take 100% responsibility for the interpretations they place on situations, circumstances and other people’s actions


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