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Lee Tomlinson

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“Lee was our keynote speaker at our two Skills Fairs for over 124 nurses from four peri-operative units at UCLA Medical Center. Lee was brilliant. The nurses were deeply moved, inspired and learned practical ways to provide even more compassionate care for their patients and – more importantly – themselves. Book him. You, your staff, your hospital and your patients will all benefit." Catherine Gabster MSN, RN, CNL, CNS. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Cancer Survivor Sparking the C.A.R.E. Effect Movement

Lee Tomlinson, a cancer survivor, C-Suite executive, and long-time customer service expert is dedicated to bringing more compassionate care to the forefront of modern medicine.

Lee’s Stage 3+ throat cancer battle opened his eyes to the life-saving benefits of compassionate care for patients, practitioners and the hospitals in which they interact. Thus, he now devotes his life to sharing that message to as many of the 12.5 million medical professionals in the U.S. as humanly possible.

Professionally, Lee has owned a legendary Hollywood studio, built another, raised tens of millions of dollars for a national charity, been a professional athlete, and produced a decade of award-winning network Television Specials for CBS and the American Film Institute.

Lee regularly delivers Keynote Addresses and Half and Full Day Seminars on Compassion to organizations such as:

  • Academy of Oncological Nurse Navigators
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Siemens Medical Imaging
  • Association for Value Based Cancer Care
  • The MS Society
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • UCLA Medical


Personally, Lee is a man on a mission. A mission to inspire, motivate and challenge medical professionals to provide nothing less than their most compassionate care for their patients, colleagues, hospitals and perhaps most importantly – themselves.

And, he proudly just delivered his first TEDTalk “The Naked Truth About Compassion is Revealed” for an Eli Lilly event at their Indianapolis Headquarters.

At UCLA, Lee serves on the Patient Family Advisory Council, makes weekly presentations on Compassion for all new UCLA Medical hires, and has regularly addressed numerous other UCLA groups including the medical students at the Geffen School of Medicine.

Most Popular Topics:

The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement – “The Heart, Science and Business of Compassion”

Become part of a movement which spreads compassion daily. Learn about what little you really need to do to make this world a better place…one act at a time!

Blessings of Cancer. Seriously!

Perhaps Lee’s favorite events are “Cancer Survivor Celebrations.” During these intimate events, he movingly engages his audiences of fellow survivors, caregivers and medical professionals with tales of how his and their lives have been profoundly enhanced by their cancer experiences.


Be A Compassionate Care Crusader for Your Patients, Your Hospital and Yourself

It doesn’t take much to make patients feel like human beings. And at the same time helping yourself and your place of work benefit in a big way!


From Burnout, Back to Brilliance

You got into this profession for a noble reason. We will help remind you why you got into medicine in the first place and how to love yourself enough so that you can be your most compassionate self with your patients.”


Get a Customer, Retain a Customer, Change the World

The ability to provide superior customer service is a must if you want your workplace to thrive. And you’ll make the world a better place while doing so.

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