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Kim E. Wagner



“Kim is a speaker who is extremely effective in reaching and connecting with her audience in a warm and honest way. Her message takes you through her life’s journey thus far and how she has coped with breast cancer with humor, charm and grace. I left with a smile on my face and true JOY in my heart upon hearing her powerful and engaging presentation. ~ Mikey Hoeven, ND Senator’s wife & ND Women’s Health Conference Promoter

Joyful Breast Cancer Survivor

Kim E. Wagner is a humorous breast cancer survivor speaker, specializing in motivational speaking for womens health groups, cancer survivors and medical conferences.

Kim has been writing and speaking professionally for over 16 years. She challenges and motivates with unforgettable messages that inspire others going through tough times. She encourages individuals to look at their life as a series of celebrations, recommending that we not take ourselves too seriously.

Despite being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in June of 2011, Kim believes that the message she is to share is that of JOY! She delivers life-changing messages to parent and women’s groups, church gatherings, community events, medical conferences and assemblies. Kim is well-known for her entertaining, energetic and dynamic delivery, often sharing real-life stories sprinkled with a song or two.

Kim has enjoyed numerous roles over the years. She is a singer, songwriter, seamstress, quilter and friend/fund-raiser for various organizations. However, the roles that bring her the most joy and reward are that of wife to Lutheran pastor, Dave and mother to four adult children. And, she takes great pride in being grandma to Leo, Roman and Milo.

The Wagners live in Bellingham, WA.


Most Popular Topics:

Saying Goodbye to the Girls 

Kim was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at age 50. Midlife crisis, or what? She has come to believe that with or without hair on her head, life is absolutely priceless! With humor and grace, she shares the stories of other survivors and her own encounter with something she calls, “the best thing that ever happened to me!”


My Character has Wrinkles

What are you really worth? And why? Take a moment to think about what is important in your life. Home, marriage, children, work, an upcoming vacation…? Through this keynote, Kim speaks to the heart of her audience. Her songs will encourage, her stories will make you laugh and cry and her words will inspire.


Celebrations of Life!

Kim seizes every opportunity to enlighten, challenge and motivate people to look at their imperfections and see themselves as fabulous children – no matter age or time in life. She inspires others to look at life as a series of celebrations to be encountered with humor and spontaneity.


A View from the Pew 

People sitting in the pew, may take themselves a bit too seriously…Kim will challenge folks to look at their faith journey and move from the comfort of their favorite pew to the world!



Midway through an exciting college career, Kim’s life came to an unexpected halt as she experienced an unplanned pregnancy. Hear the sweet story of her choosing LIFE – and the resulting restoration!


Got Stuff?

Kim is the first to admit she has a few problems. She loves fabric and collects fabric and more fabric! What about you? Are you a scrap-booker, quilter, Precious Moment figurines or Chess set collector? Whatever your vice, there is hope for you! Laugh your way through the piles of STUFF that fill up your life and time.

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