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Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD, NMD



"Kim mesmerized the audience with her content and humorous style. We had a Q & A after her talk and she answered every question with great authority and conviction. Cancer survivors and patients who were seeking a way to empower themselves during and after treatment got the answers to the things that are weighing on their minds, like, ‘How can I really help myself? What can I personally do to achieve the best results?’ I thought she was just brilliant!” -- Marcia Anderson, Cancer Resource Specialist, George Bray Cancer Center, New Britain, CT

Sharing Nature's Answer to Cancer

As a respected pioneer in the holistic oncology nutrition field, award-winning author and international nutrition consultant, Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD, NMD, has motivated thousands of cancer survivors and health-conscious consumers toward health by harnessing the healing potential of nature.

A dynamic speaker known for her passion and delivery of health messages with a “twist,” Kim offers her audiences lessons learned from life and Mother Nature, guaranteed to spur on dietary and lifestyle changes that cultivate a whole new levels of healing and health. A motivating cancer-fighting nutritional strategist, Kim delivers powerful and entertaining presentations that encompass much more than the usual tips of the nutrition trade. Her powerful message of changing the internal growing environment through natural foods sets the stage for audience members to obtain straightforward nutritional and lifestyle advice that delivers actionable and effective outcomes. As a sought-after speaker and recognized leader in the field of oncology holistic nutrition, she has addressed numerous public and professional audiences nationally and internationally.

Kim’s passion for helping others with cancer came about when she was assigned to a cancer unit as a hospital dietitian. Saddened by the limitations of her traditional dietetics training, Kim felt like she wasn’t really helping her patients. She inherently knew that there must be more to fighting cancer than solely relying on traditional therapies and she began a quest to find an answer for cancer. After reviewing a tidal wave of cancer and nutrition research, Kim quickly realized that cancer is not a one-size-fits-all disease—and that it could be prevented and treated through a multi-targeted approach that included a natural diet. She developed her on-line community, Cancer Busters, as a way to educate and empower cancer-concerned individuals.

Kim believes our bodies can regenerate and rebuild if we change our toxic environment by applying the laws of nature to our nutritional habits. Combined with traditional medical treatment, this one-two punch has laid the groundwork for healing miracles.

Kim is a passionate advocate for cancer patients and caregivers. In 1999, she founded NutriQuest, Inc., a publications and communications company dedicating to bridging the gap between traditional and complementary cancer care. Kim’s fervor for natural healing and her tireless mission to bring the most current science-based information to her patients makes her a sought-after advisor. Kim is the author of award-winning Challenge Cancer and Win! and her newest book, Give It To Me Straight! No-Nonsense Nutrition, and audio CDs: What’s Eating You? Stop Stressing Out and Start Losing Weight and Powered by Produce!

Kim lives in Colorado with her husband Mark, two children, David and Kathryn, Alex the Border Collie and Penny the Netherland Dwarf Bunny. Her refrigerator is chock full of produce and she has a therapeutic supply of dark chocolate in her kitchen cabinet at all times.

Most Popular Topics:

TOPICS for COMMUNITY HEALTH events, including Executive Health Programs:


Nature’s Answer to Cancer: What does your body grow?

Is your body cancer friendly? Learn how cancer is born and why the power of nature can help change your cellular environment to cultivate healing and whole person health.


Customized Cancer Care: Eat Right for Your Cancer Type

Cancer is not a one-size-fits-all disease. Kim’s presentation, based on her award-winning book, Challenge Cancer and Win!, answers the question on every cancer patient’s mind: “What should I eat for my kind of cancer?”


No-Nonsense Nutrition: Straight Talk About How to Eat

Kim demonstrates the ten basic rules of good nutrition in a way that’s sure to leave a lasting impression!


Eat Right, The One-Up Way!

Finding time to eat well in today’s busy world can be challenging. Kim shares her simple, but profound, one-up dietary strategies and offers time-tested and practical mealtime solutions that will fast-forward your quest for better health.


I’m Not Fat…I’m Just Inflamed!

Kim shares her CHIPS tips for fighting fat and inflammation. Look forward to a presentation that’s heavy on “how-tos” and learn what you can do to deflate disease!


Nutritional Synergism: Get the Health Advantage!

Experience the 3R’s (Rebalance-Remove-Reverse) to restoring health!



Biased Science: Separating Fact from Fad in Nutrition

Learn how to evaluate, respond to, and educate your patients about some of the most popular complementary nutritional therapies. Kim takes you from Aloe to Zen Macrobiotics! Objectives:

1. Identify four proposed expanded roles of healthcare providers in caring for cancer patients.

2. Define Evidence-Based Medicine and differentiate between the various types of research models.

3. Summarize the pros and cons of various nutritional therapies during cancer treatment, including the use of antioxidants and other popular dietary supplements during chemotherapy.


Integrating Nutritional Therapy into Cancer Care: A Real-World Action Plan to Help Patients

Kim puts forth a call to action for cancer treatment centers to commit to an integrative model of cancer care as she demonstrates how registered dietitians can profoundly influence the clinical outcome of cancer patients. Objectives:

1. Identify patients’ nutrition-related concerns during and after cancer treatment.

2. Explain the roles of the registered dietitian in cancer care.

3. Discuss how nutrition intervention enhances cancer recovery.



Fight Cancer with a Fork!

This is no ordinary nutrition program for cancer survivors! Kim demonstrates the key concepts for fighting cancer and changing the toxic environment. Geared toward cancer survivors and caregivers, this highly interactive workshop provides participates with real world advice that can be applied now. It’s time to give control back to the cancer survivor!


Turbocharge Your Health

Created specifically for executive wellness retreats, this fun and interactive program provides an opportunity for each participant to assess their current dietary habits and establish immediate steps for dietary improvement. Participants will walk away with customized nutrition action plans for their specific health goals.


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