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”Sometimes our light goes out, but it is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes our deepest thanks to those who may help to rekindle the light (Albert Schweitzer)” Kim Carlos (Becking) is that person. She helps to rekindle the light. Kim is insightful, compassionate, knowledgeable and sincere. We were so lucky to have her as our guest speaker. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to hear her speak; it is a moving experience. She was fantastic. She was everything we hoped she’d be and more.” -- Sally Cascella, Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center, Bridgeport, CT

Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivor Speaker

Kim Becking is an engaging, high-energy, fun and impactful motivational keynote speaker, award-winning author and thought leader who has been helping organizations, leaders, teams and individuals boost their resilience, reduce stress and overwhelm, conquer change and communicate and connect in a more authentic and meaningful way for over twenty years.

An award-winning author of Nordie’s at Noon, a sought after keynote speaker, change and leadership expert and success coach, Kim has been featured in national media such as People, SELF, The New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America and Lifetime Television for her expertise on resilience and thriving in the midst of change.

Using humor and vulnerability, Kim has the ability to connect with her audiences at a deeper level. Her authentic, engaging, humorous and empowering messages of extraordinary resilience, conquering change and creating success regardless of your circumstances have made her a favorite among her audiences. Audiences leave with a “Momentum Mindset” – ready to take bold action, become more resilient and achieve more.

Kim has owned and operated her own leadership and personal development company and a strategic communications company for 15 years. As a communications strategist, Kim provides practical tools and strategies for leaders to effectively manage change and deal with difficult people, tough conversations, and hard issues through the art of effective communication. As a breast cancer survivor, life thriver and resilience expert, she provides people with the tools needed to boost their resilience and thrive after changes, challenges and adversity in life, creating a “Momentum Mindset.”

Kim knows a thing or two about change and challenges through the many hats she wears: a “recovering” attorney, a “recovering” political consultant, a communications strategist, a successful serial entrepreneur, a breast cancer survivor, a mom who has faced the unexpected challenges of marriage, family and divorce and was given a second chance at love — remarrying a widower with two small children, and adjusting to a fabulous new life in a blended household as Kim Becking – mom of three, party of five. She is truly a life thriver teaching others how to boost their resilience and create momentum in their life and work no matter what life throws at them.

Kim graduated with honors from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and received her Juris Doctorate with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, the International Association of Business Communicators and holds a Certificate of Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation.

A best-selling, award-winning author, Kim recently launched her Momentum series of business success tip books with more than five books in development for 2018, focusing on change, resilience, leadership, communications and work/life balance.

Kim resides in Columbia, Missouri and travels throughout the United States and internationally for conferences, conventions and events.


Most Popular Topics:

Master Your Disasters: How Successful Organizations, Leaders, Teams and Individuals Overcome Adversity and Boost Resilience

(NOTE:  This program can be tailored to focus on personal resilience, team resilience, organizational resilience and/or developing resilient leaders.)

Challenges, unexpected changes and uncertainty are guarantees in life. Doing more with less. Job insecurity. An unpredictable economy. Health challenges. Relationship struggles. Loss. Failures. Dealing with tough issues at home and at work. We live in an ever-changing, stressful and disruptive world – one where adversity will always live and life will inevitably knock you down.  The ability to find the lesson, boost your resilience, get back up, rise above your hard and create momentum to keep moving forward  no matter what during the tough times is what will separate you from those who get stuck. The good news is that resilience can be taught, and like a muscle, with practice, strengthened. In this inspiring, interactive and impactful session, Kim shares her own stories of resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor and motivation. You will learn how Eight Key Resilience Boosters can create a “Momentum Mindset” catapulting you to greatness no matter what is happening around you.  Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to create everyday resilience, master your disasters, thrive change, and use the adversity in your life as the fuel needed to propel you forward – faster, further and stronger than ever before.


The Rollercoaster Ride of Life: Learning to Throw Your Hands Up, Scream, Embrace Change and Enjoy the Ups and Downs of LIFE 

Rollercoaster – defined as anything characterized by abrupt and extreme changes. Also known as life. Kim shares her honest, raw, inspiring and humorous ride on the roller coaster of life. Through the ups and downs of cancer, divorce, business and other dips, she learned to throw her hands up, scream and in the end find the joy on the ride of her life, even though at times, she would have rather been on the ferris wheel. Unexpected changes are a guarantee.  Something will always go wrong and you will be left feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut.  “Stuff” will hit the fan. Something you didn’t anticipate will happen. Change is something we all have to deal with, at home and at work, but how we deal with the change is up to us.  It is no longer enough to merely survive change. We must learn, grow and evolve to have success.  In this engaging session, Kim will provide attendees with practical tools and tips to rock any change that is thrown their way at work or at home so they can enjoy the rollercoaster ride of LIFE.

Resigning as General Manager of the Universe:  Finding “Balance” And Clarity in a World of Chaos

In this fast-paced, constantly changing, high stress world, life is anything but balanced. It’s more like a colossal collision between the thousands of things pulling at your time – the demands of work, home and everything in between – leading to overwhelm, stress and burnout.  In this interactive, energetic, laugh out loud program, Kim will share her own raw, inspiring and humorous lessons learned about “balancing” the chaos of life through the demands of being a wife, mother, cancer and life thriver, serial entrepreneur, passionate volunteer as well as the dozens of other hats she wears.  You will learn the Five Keys To “Resigning As General Manager of the Universe” and leave with practical, immediately actionable strategies to reduce stress, overwhelm and burnout; boost your resilience; take control of your health and your life; and become more present, productive, engaged and connected at work and at home.

Eat Dessert First – Make TODAY Count

After facing breast cancer, losing two friends and an aunt to the same disease, facing a divorce, and other challenges in life, Kim has realized that we must live in the moment. To Kim, her sweet tooth and her unquestionable love of chocolate, that means eating dessert first any chance she gets. Kim shares lessons on why we need to focus on what matters, let go of the rest, laugh, love and yes, eat dessert first.  Audiences will leave having a burning desire to eat dessert first, enjoy more sunsets, laugh more, do what brings them joy in life and make today count.

The Recipe for a Great Life:   Not Only Surviving, But Thriving

Kim shares her recipe for survivorship, which has allowed her to not only survive, but thrive in life – even in the midst of unexpected change and challenges. Her lesson is simple: that we must all continue to adapt and adjust our own recipes, not being stuck in our past or allowing others to write our recipe.  Kim’s challenges have been faced by many of us, and this presentation is one that will leave audiences inspired to create their own recipe for a great life – not simply surviving, but thriving.

From Patient and Caregiver to Advocate

Facing a health care crisis can be a challenge, often times leaving patients and caregivers  overwhelmed,  and not sure where to turn.  Kim shares her experience as a breast cancer patient, and those of friends and family, who have been in “the system” as patients and caregivers.  Kim shares practical advice – encouraging her audience to become their own advocates as it relates to their health. In the area of health and wellness, there are many ways to become an advocate.  Advocate for yourself.  Advocate for a family member or friend.  Advocate for other individual patients who may not be able to speak for themselves. Kim believes that her own patient advocacy allowed her to get the best care possible. Breast cancer taught Kim the importance of asking the hard questions – the importance of taking action – of being proactive. She leaves her audiences empowered to arm themselves with information, to do their homework, to build their medical team, to establish strong communication, to ask the hard questions, to not be afraid to get 2nd opinions and to not only find their voice, but make it heard.  Kim leaves you inspired to take control of your health and your life.

No Doctor, I Don’t Understand Your Alphabet Soup (This program is designed for medical health care professionals.)

Kim shares her experiences from the patient’s perspective after hearing those four words “you have breast cancer.” Often times, doctors, their medical jargon and their assumptions about a patient’s understanding of their own diagnosis leaves patients feeling more confused, scared and overwhelmed than before they were diagnosed. This program was specifically designed to provide health care providers with stories from real patients, providing suggestions on how to talk to patients, and allow those attending to improve their interactions with their patients.

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