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"Kat Simmons was an amazing addition to our event. We had 150 women in the room that were hysterical with laughter! They were very impressed and surprised that she custom tailored her act to reflect the experiences of our full day event. She used good clean humor that was spontaneous, honest, authentic, and enlightening. We laughed so hard we cried, and the women are still talking about how funny she was months later. Her kind of ‘conscious comedy’ is relevant, real-to-life, and hits your funny bone. We have seen a lot of performers and Kat has a unique act that makes even the most serious person laugh out loud. Kat was a joy to work with; she was professional and really listened to our needs. We highly recommend her. --
Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova, Founders of Courageous Living

Top National Comedian and Inspirational Speaker

Kat  Simmons has a unique talent for combining physical comedy with real life situations that everyone can relate to. She has been favorably compared to the masters of the craft, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Red Skelton. Kat is one of a few physical comediennes working today. You may recognize yourself in some of her material as she honestly shares with the audience as though they were all long-time friends.  She delights in bringing to the stage the very things most people keep a secret.  She speaks the truth, making it easier for the rest of us to be honest with ourselves.

Kat has a versatility and approachability that makes her perfect for large corporate functions, casinos, comedy clubs and private parties. She has a knack of incorporating the group at hand into her show and finding that common thread. She makes them part of her performance. She has performed for a wide variety of groups from tow truck drivers and fence contractors to doctors and engineers. She is a favorite at womens’ events because she tells it like it is. Her humor is clean and elevates and enlightens her audiences.

A 25-year veteran of the international comedy club circuit, you may have seen her at The Improvs, Catch A Rising Star,  the Comedy Channel, Fox’s Comedy Tonight, or on Candid Camera. She’s been a regular cast member of the national comedy hit, The Three Blonde Moms. She is also a recurring guest on the blog talk radio show called Thrive Teachers, helping people lighten up with her segment, Laugh It Off With Kat Simmons. She won the eWomen Network’s international talent contest in Dallas in 2009.Hu

She has appeared with Tim Allen, Kevin Nealon, Kenny Rogers, and most recently, legendary motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. She is in high demand to headline corporate events. She is not only a comedienne, but an inspirational humorist making her a great choice for your keynote speaker as well. She loves to share her own spark to ignite yours.

Kat’s new book, Kat’s Daily Cups, is a collection of short stories about raising children, her love of animals, life’s challenges, gratitude, inspiration and awakenings. Some stories will make you laugh (think Erma Bombeck), and some may make you cry. She hopes her book will become your book in an interactive journey while answering the question. “What is in your Daily Cup today?”

Kat moved back from L.A. to the beautiful Carson Valley (just below Lake Tahoe), to do what she loves in the area she loves. She came back to have her children and while not in the hub of LA, it provided her with new opportunities. She quickly began doing corporate events and  she produced her own comedy show for 15 years at the Carson Valley Inn Casino, in Minden, Nevada.  She also teaches comedy workshops and it is her greatest joy to help others find their empowerment through humor. She is back out on the international circuit after staying close to home for 17 years to raise her family, and she knows the best is yet to come.  Kat says, “comedy is not what I do, it is who I am,” so she will always be finding the funny.

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Looking for a program of non-stop laughter? Count on Kat Simmons, one of the top comedians in the country. She turns everyday experiences into uproariously hilarious events you won’t forget — there are some things you will never see the same way. Her programs are always custom-tailored and use good, clean humor that is spontaneous, honest, authentic and enlightening. It’s conscious comedy at it’s very best.


“It Is Hard To Look Like A Cosmo Girl In A Field And Stream World” or “Botox for The Soul”

Kat Simmons shines a light on what most women spend a lot of time and money trying to hide. She effortlessly, and with complete abandon shares what all women go through, but would never talk about in public.  It is liberating to see a woman own all aspects of herself, and not be molded into what society tells them they should be. They often ask her “have you been spying on me, how did you know all that?”



I Do Have a Real Job

One woman’s journey demonstrates how to take a dream and create a reality. “Aspire, inspire, perspire,” is what Kat wrote on a napkin 27 years ago, before she left for Hollywood. She shares about having “the fire in your belly,” and how you better listen to it, or it will destroy you. Well on her way to making it, she found herself single, with two small children.  Her commitment to her path helped her survive single motherhood and comedy on the road. Being told over and over to “get a real job” only gave her more passion to excel as a comedienne.


Prince Charming Fell Off His Horse On the Way To My House

We have all been brought up with the fairy tale about someone coming to rescue us. While we wait, we forego the opportunity to find and fulfill our own purposes. We need to exchange that story for one of finding ourselves. My daughter climbed in that little castle after gymnastics, and put her hand up to her forehead and yelled over the balcony, “Someone save me!”  I yelled back, “Use the stairs, no one is coming.” The other mothers looked at me in horror, but why not start them young on the truth?



Kat has taught stand-up comedy workshops for 15 years. Her students learn a lot more than just how to find their funny. She believes people can communicate without really connecting, and connect without communicating, but when theses two things occur simultaneously, that is where the magic happens. The nuances of communication are what make it an art form. From eye contact to breath work, Kat supplies practical tools to help make your conversations count, to leave people feeling really heard, valued and understood.


It Is Not About the Banana

People seldom fight about what they are fighting about at that time. It is usually unhealed issues that have accumulated, and then one day, a heated argument erupts over which banana should be eaten on cereal. In this true to life program, Kat talks about the physical and psychological differences between men and women, and why it is so important to learn to respect them, not try to change them. “Boys will be boys,” and women will try to change them. If we are to find peace, we need to embrace the differences.


From Wreckage to Recovery

I have been sober for 26 years now, and love sharing how that happened, one day at a time for me. I have spoken on this many times in the schools and conventions, and I love to tell it like it was, and how it is now.  I had a moment, that changed my life, and I never forget it. When I fully understood that the only the only thing keeping me away from my highest good was me, my life started to become a realty instead of a fantasy.


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