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Karen Drucker



"Karen Drucker was a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at our National Conference and was the highlight of the conference. She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience personally to make people feel special and loved. We have already hired her for our next conference!" -- Lisa Gordon, COO of Healing Touch

Musical Comedienne, Singer-Songwriter

While her music is soothing, inspiring, relaxing and energizing all at the same time, Karen Drucker is vibrant, funny and, well, girlfriendy. She brings all of this to the microphone when she keynotes women’s events or facilitates retreats.

For many years she made her living singing in blues clubs around San Francisco, singing songs of pain, loneliness and self-pity. Then one day she was asked to perform a few upbeat and positive songs for a church service. That morning changed her life and gave her a whole new career path.

Karen has recorded fifteen CD’s of her original inspirational music and has won numerous awards for her volunteer work for performing and producing shows for organizations in need. She has been a professional comedienne, led her own band for corporate events, and has been a performer and spokesperson for “Bread and Roses” (performing in convalescent hospitals, prisons, children’s hospitals, etc).

Often funny, always honest and real, the stories she shares in her new book, Let Go of the Shore, reveal how she leaves behind fears and limits to emerge as a writer, workshop leader, recording artist, and speaker—a free spirit who lives life to the fullest and inspires us to do so as well.

Among her many accomplishments, she has been a professional comedienne, led her own band for corporate events, and has been the music director of New Thought Churches, as well as music director and “ music weaver” for many spiritual conferences and retreats. Karen has been honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Music for her work within the Religious Science Community, and a “Grace Note” award for her work within the Unity Movement.

She sings, speaks and leads workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body & health conferences around the country and performs music for ministers, workshop facilitators, and authors including Joan Borysenko, SARK, Alan Cohen and Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

“Writing chants and songs that will be used for people who are going in for surgery, or are having a hard time in their lives, or even people who just need to have a song that will slow them down and help them relax is such a joy for me,” she says. “The letters I’ve received about how these songs have helped heal and inspire people have validated for me that I’m on the right path.”

Karen’s programs are a combination of speaking, singing, giggling, heart opening, and fun.

Most Popular Topics:

Tarzan Yells and Sweaty Palms

“I was 13 years old, a geeky teenager trying to find my way, and trying desperately to fit in. I sat in the audience of the Carol Burnett show and when she asked for the house lights to come up and see if anyone had any questions, suddenly, out of nowhere, my heart started racing, my palms got sweaty, and I knew what I had to do. My hand shot up, she called on me … it was my moment to challenge her to a Tarzan calling contest!”

How many times in our lives does that moment come where we are being called to something that will stretch us, improve us, challenge us? Using songs, and personal stories, we investigate together how we can go for our dreams in a way that is gentle and yet gets us to our goal. I will give a step-by-step method to determine where you want to go and the steps to get you there.


Taming My Inner Critic

We all have one, you know, that VOICE … that says we’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough … the voice that keeps us from knowing our own self worth and divinity. So how do we quiet that voice when it is raging on inside? Studies have shown that we have over 60 thousand thoughts every day … so how many are positive and life affirming? In this talk we will look at how we can tame that voice with positive affirmations and self talk that will greatly diminish its powers.


My Religion Is Kindness

The Christian Mystic, Meister Eckart says, “If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank-you’ that would be enough.” Gratitude is a spiritual practice that we all can learn to practice everyday. Using stories, songs, chants, and beautiful quotes about loving kindness, Karen talks about the benefits and joys of living in a state of gratitude and also finding ways be appreciative, especially when you are not feeling like it!


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