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Genie James, M.M.SC.



"Genie James is a dynamic and passionate speaker. She thoroughly engaged our audience, explaining complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand, and relating very well to the crowd. They loved her and didn't want the dialogue to end. Women get Genie, and she gets women! She is a gift to us all!" -- Louise B. Edwards, Director, Planning, Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System, Norfolk, VA

Women's Health and Wellness Expert

Genie James is an author, speaker, business owner and liftoff activist for women and girls.  Over a thirty year career Genie has spearheaded women’s health initiatives for large healthcare systems, physician organizations and venture capitalists. She is currently CEO of Randolph Medical Enterprises and owner of The Natural Medicine Pharmacy.

As a trailblazer in natural women’s health, personalized medicine and relationship-centered care, Genie first turned the traditional medical community on its ear with Making Managed Care Work (McGraw-Hill, 1997) and Winning in the Women’s Healthcare Marketplace (Jossey-Bass, 2000). She is the co-author of From Belly Fat to Belly Flat (Health Communications, Inc. 2007; now in five languages), and From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well (Health Communication, Inc. 2009; winner of the 2010 National Consumer Health Information Bronze Award) with her husband C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D., R.Ph. Genie fifth book In the Mood Again (Simon and Schuster 2010) offers hope and solutions for the over forty million American women and men living in low-sex, no-sex relationships.

Genie’s sixth book – THE FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH!  Outsmart Hype, False Hope and Heredity to Recalibrate How You Age– births a new mission. Genie says:

“The anti-aging product market is expected to surge from $80 billion in 2012 to $114 billion by 2015.  Sadly many of the glitzy, expensive anti-aging offerings are just plain junk. Some can be harmful.  And what’s the frenzy about anti-aging anyway?  If you aren’t aging, aren’t you – well – dead?”

THE FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH shifts our paradigm on aging. My platform entwines a person-centered locus of control with groundbreaking medical science, clinically-vetted complimentary/alternative therapies and a commitment to matter, make a difference, for the duration of our long, healthy and happy lives.”

Genie hosts a regular women’s health segment on a local NPR radio station and is also a go-to resource for publications and radio segments such as Prevention, Woman’s World, Redbook, Women’s Digest, GQ, AARP, NPR as well as, ,, and Real Cougar Women on, among others.

Genie is a member of Women’s President Organization, on the board of Girls Inc and was recently named one of Jacksonville Florida Business Journal’s Women of Influence for 2012.  She has been recognized by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the National Association of Women’s Health Association and Spirit of Women Hospitals.  She has a Masters of Medical Science from Emory University and PhD Studies from University of Tennessee.



HOT WOMEN:  The “Change” Our World’s Been Waiting For!

As the glow of youth recedes, most women start looking at their bodies wondering when their nipples stopped pointing up and why their tummy and tush seem to have taken over adjacent zip codes.  Some are saddened by the plethora of “You-Sold-Out” stickers decorating catalogues of younger dreams and ambitions.  Others despair how they continue to be yoked in relationships that no longer serve or enliven.

And the most insidious, yet virile, common denominator:  A belief that, as the decades stack up, all women are doomed to become – at best – increasingly fat, dull, sexless, senile and irrelevant.  At worst, fat, dull, sexless, senile, irrelevant and financially-strained.  In other words, our first three to four decades of life are the only ones worth showing up for.  After that, it’s a slow and painful downward slide towards inevitable disappointment, decay, unwanted dependency and intractable hopelessness.  The stark punctuation:  a dark, looming and soon-forgotten grave.

Fortunately, Genie James tells us “This is dead wrong thinking.”  Turning traditional attitudes about aging on their ear, this fifty-plus author shares her provocatively fresh outlook:

“Youth is phase we all have to live through but, once past, richer and more meaningful living can and should begin. With the help of my medically-proven yet frequently counterintuitive 12-Step Plan, the next thirty to forty to fifty years of years of your life can be exponentially healthy, joyful, sensual, prosperous and purposeful.  Discover aging secrets you can’t Google!  A must-learn for every woman over thirty-five!



Medical research shows that the average woman will gain one to two pounds every year from the age of 35 to 55.  No matter how many carrot sticks we eat or laps around the block we take, unwanted fat builds up on our tummies, tush, hips and thighs and commits to stay there for life.  Are we just plain doomed to get fatter and rounder as we age?

“Absolutely not!” says Genie James.  “When it comes weight gain, most women are silently sabotaged at a cellular level.  It’s not their fault or lack of willpower, it’s a combination of hormones, stress and environment. In one hour, I’ll tell you how to kick off your stilettos, walk or run to a grocery store with a health food aisle and come back to clean out a bundle of sneaky waistline saboteurs hiding in your home.  Honey, this isn’t about calories…it’s about a whole new way of skinny-healthy living!”


LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!:  Five Steps for Restoring Your Sexual Sizzle No Matter Your Age!

It’s a silent bedroom epidemic:  40 million Americans life in no-sex, low-sex relationships, 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men suffer some form or sexual performance issues and 50 percent of women from ages 28 to 60 say they no longer derive pleasure from sexual activities.  Is a great sex life the playground for only the young-in-years?

“Happily,” says Genie James, “I can state boldly and with full integrity that your sex life can be better at 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond than it ever was in your 20’s.  Really!  The secret is first identifying and treating underlying medical conditions, then ramping up feelings of desire and pleasure through a combination of sexy-healthy lifestyle choices and intentional abracadabra! Let the magic begin…”

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