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Cris Linnares



“Cris is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever heard. She is genuinely interested in helping her audience become the best they can be. Your attendees will walk away feeling inspired, happy and refreshed!” --

Mikey Hoeven, former first lady of North Dakota,
Women’s Wellness Expos (Bismarck and Fargo)

Energizing, Empowering Diva Dance® Creator

Cris Linnares is a passionate advocate for women’s health and empowerment who brings a profound message about reinvention and fearlessness to women.  Founder of and creator of the acclaimed wellness program Diva Dance®. This inspiring woman and proud mom is also an international author, speaker, and psychotherapist.

Linnares created Diva Dance during her journey to discover natural ways to overcome the depression, grief and overweight battles she faced after getting married and moving to the frozen tundra of Fargo, ND, leaving behind a successful career and all her connections in the tropics of her home country, Brazil, where she became well known for writing the bestselling book and comedy show Divas no Diva (Divas on the Couch) , about women’s self-esteem.

Today, Linnares’s pioneer work and inspiring life story have been featured in Shape, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, FOX News and ABC News. She has shared her fun and empowering message across the globe, speaking in France, London, U.S.A , Brazil and at TEDxyouth@Hollywood.

Through her books, DVDs, retreats, articles and foundation, Linnares shares natural and scientific ways for women to energize their bodies and empower their minds, so they are a force for good to impact the world.

Her incredible journey shows us that we all have the power to reinvent ourselves, our career and our lives – we just need to discover ways to unleash it!

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Diva Dance®

Based in the latest research about the mind-body connection, Diva Dance® is a fun, revolutionary and life-changing experience that uses inspired dance moves, with self-empowerment tools for you to Energize Your Body, Empower Your Mind and Express Your Soul!

Using music, laughter, science and dance, this unique and never-seen before program has been empowering thousands of women and has earned rave reviews from the media and leading organizations such as the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement, Microsoft, YWCA, Blue Cross Blue Shield and others. “Get your groove on … Diva Dance is a powerful tool to increase women’s self esteem!” — Fox Television.

Cris’s amazing life story, humor and unique ability to use dance as a creative and practical way to improve health and self-esteem, makes Diva Dance® a powerful and dazzling experience for women. Women of all ages are invited to learn fun routines- including samba and salsa steps -while empowering themselves. Some will laugh, some may cry, but they will all have the opportunity to have one of the most unforgettable and fun experiences of their lives!

While Cris’s unique program of dance and self-improvement is fun, it’s the science that supports the benefits of Diva Dance®. According to research conducted by scientists around the world, there is no separation between the mind and the body. People recognize the power of positive thinking – mind over matter – but many do not realize it goes both ways. “Just as the mind can affect the body, the body can affect the mind,” according to Dr. John Ratey a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of Spark.

By using dance as a metaphor for the way we live our lives, Diva Dance’s fun and sexy routine will encourage you to connect with your body, mind, and soul, and use positive emotions with movement to energize and empower your life.

Put your high heels on, or go barefoot if you prefer, and get ready to feel happier, sexier and totally energized. It’s time to unleash all the power you need to Dance your Own Dance and let your free style shine – in the dance floor, and in your own life!


Women Totally Free, Fun & Fearless

Get ready to transform the biggest F BOMB in women’s life, FEAR into FREEDOM, and freely LOVE and BE your unapologetic self.

Join Cris Linnares, Brazilian Psychotherapist and Founder of Women’s Impact, in this hilarious, uplifting and never before seen COMEDY-THERAPY EXPERIENCE.

Based on one of Cris’s TEDxtalk #stopSELFswearing and on her internationally-acclaimed wellness program Diva Dance®, this unforgettable workshop uses dance, comedy, psychology and group interaction to reveal the lies or “self-swearing word” that are in the way of you becoming your un-apologetically passionate, joyful and fearless self!

Research shows that women apologize more than men, not because we do more wrong things, but because we see ourselves as “wrong.”

After working with women’s empowerment for almost 20 years, Cris Linnares realized that:

” We have the tendency to apologize for who we are, and by doing this, we can limit the definition of who we were created to be.  The way we see ourselves has a huge impact not just in our health and self-worth, but in our life and in the destiny of our world.”  – Cris Linnares, Brazilian Psychotherapist, Founder of Women’s Impact  and creator of  WTF³ Revolution -Women Totally Free, Fun and Fearless.


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