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"Our annual Salute to Nurses event celebrates nurses in our community and has become a favorite with our staff and with the nursing community. Conor Cunneen served as our MC and keynote speaker this year and was an instant hit. Conor added a personal touch sharing his own life experiences with nurses followed by a wonderful and humor-filled message titled 'What Do I Want My Attitude To Be?' I would recommend Conor for any event that needs a dose of professionalism, class, inspiration, and plain fun. We look forward to working with him again." -- Charles A. Bates, Sales Manager, Star Media, Indianapolis, IN

Motivational Speaker, Award-winning Humorist

Motivational speaker and award-winning humorist Conor Cunneen is an Irishman happily exiled in Chicago, where he says the natives are friendly and he has been force fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland.

Conor’s unique ability to combine substance with humor wins rave reviews from stressed out nursing and healthcare professionals (and also from the few who are not stressed out!) “Mr. Cunneen should definitely come back. If there was a presentation to put in mandatory education – this is it.” – Edward Hospital nurse.

Conor combines management skills learned in Europe and USA with an Irish wit and humor that that will have your audience learning and laughing and implementing. When you see him present clear, compelling messages via hilarious anecdotes and stories, you will not be surprised to know he has been recognized as a Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year. Would you believe Conor’s winning speech was on Customer Service . . . in San Quentin prison?

Conor’s humorous outlook on life has served him well through two bouts of cancer. He has experienced the trauma of hearing, “You have thyroid cancer,” and “You have prostrate cancer.”  Conor’s response to the fact that he’s had a thyroidectomy and a prostratectomy, is that he now claims to have a unique Irish condition, called, “There’s not much left-o-me.”

At his wife’s insistence, he entered the hospital in new pajamas bearing the Monty Python legend “It’s Just a Flesh Wound.” That inspired his keynote message — by the very same name — designed for conferences and events where an upbeat, uplifting “feel good” message is appropriate, which is basicly everywhere, he notes.

Nursing and healthcare professionals will leave Conor’s presentations with a spring in their step, an extra beat in their heart and a smile on their face. Just as important: Nursing and healthcare professionals will also remember and implement core concepts (suitable for CEU credit) that will ensure a better workplace environment.

Conor’s Brand Promise to clients is to Energize, Educate, Entertain and be Easy to work with. He keeps that promise.

Most Popular Topics:

Conor will work with you to ensure the program is customized to satisfy your issues and challenges and if you require it, he will help you get Continuing Ed credits.

 The Gift of GAB — Goals, Attitude, Behavior

The Irish are famous for the Gift of GAB, but in this insightful, inspirational and frankly, often hilarious presentation, Conor Cunneen shows that everyone can adopt and adapt the Gift of GAB to create an excellent environment and improved workplace. This award-winning speaker and raconteur provides carefully researched material (and sometimes a wee dollop of blarney!) to illustrate the power of Goals, Attitude, Behavior to improve people, performance and productivity.

Your audience will LEARN, LAUGH and LEAVE with a smile on their face, a spring in their step AND with memorable, implementable concepts and ideas to improve themselves, colleagues and workplace.


It’s Only a Flesh Wound!

As a two-time cancer survivor Conor says that “having had a thyroidectomy and a prostatectomy, I now have a unique Irish condition known as ‘there’s not much left-o-me!’ Believe me, I’m not going for the hat-trick!” Conor talks about his own cancer journey paying particular attention to those who often go through more than the cancer patient – family and caregivers.


Adden Humur  for Stress Reducshun. (This program is much better than the spelling. Honust!)

Here’s the idea. Humor releases dolphins in the brain. (Conor, it’s endorphins. We keep telling you – it’s endorphins). Anyway, you know how good you feel when you see dolphins swimming around. Think how good you’ll feel if those dolphins (or even endorphins) are swimming around in your brain! Conor will show you how to bring, and add humor to the workplace, reduce stress and create a better and more enjoyable environment and all with an Irish brogue!

Master of Ceremonies

When you hire Conor to MC your next event, you will get: An Irish brogue; The humor that won Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year; Customized material based on your brief; Fast-paced wit and good-natured zingers that you could only get from an Irishman.

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