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Bobbie Staten, RN, MPH, CSP

Hilarious Southern Motivational Humorist

Bobbie Staten calls herself a Southern motivational humorist, bringing together the paradoxical foundation of graduate health degrees, a robust, sometimes irreverent sense of humor and her Southern upbringing.

Laughter is the common ingredient whether she’s talking about wellness, happiness, life and stress management, customer service, or people skills. Bobbie’s subject matter is the result of her own battles with life, health, and finding happiness. For years she felt unfulfilled, working in positions that didn’t especially match her talents or natural tendencies. She was unhappy and it showed. Speaking from the experience of one who has made big changes, she talks about finding the courage to take responsibility for creating one’s own happiness.

Once a chronic dieter (the rhythm method of girth control), and an ex-two-pack-a-day smoker, she knows how hard it is to make lifestyle changes. Knowing the obstacles intimately, she is able to help people find the courage to take the plunge! Bobbie’s health philosophy is based on each individual’s responsibility for their own self-care, guided but not controlled by, health care professionals.

Bobbie began her career as a nurse and has held positions of head nurse, nursing supervisor, and psychiatric nursing instructor. She opened a nursing practice in 1988 to help others caught up in the “I can’t” mode, and helped thousands reach their personal health goals. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Public Health from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Bobbie’s natural humor emerged while speaking before groups and as a result, more and more groups began asking Bobbie to appear as an after-dinner humorist. Beneath the laughter, her message is simple and as old as time. If you have your health and your family, you just about have it all. So lighten up. Take your work, but not yourself, so seriously!

Bobbie has been speaking professionally since 1986. She has earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional credential of the National Speakers Association. During her nursing career, Bobbie joined in Sigma Theta Tau (the National Scholastic Nursing Honor Society), and the American Nurses Association. She lives in the beautiful South in a 117-year old farmhouse with her family, 3 spoiled-rotten dogs and an occasional mouse.

Most Popular Programs:

Batteries Not Included

A motivational presentation designed to give you the jump-start you’ve been missing. Charge your battery while you laugh and learn to work smart, work together, and most importantly fall in love with your job again. Bobbie’s most frequently requested program . Clean Humor (60-90 minutes).


They Make You Crazy

A fun and informative look at different personality styles. Participants will learn basic behavioral tendencies of their own personality style and the styles of others. Focus on how to use this information to improve relationships with co-workers, peers, and customers, and to improve communication, and foster harmony at work and at home.


Ten Tickets to Success

A humorous wink and a serious look at the things you need to pack for your trip to success. Learn what gumption, character, truth, punctuality and termites all have in common and why they need to be part of your carry-on luggage! Nothing is as hard as it looks or as scary as it feels when you have the right skills and a good plan in place.


Sure, Like I’ve Got All Day

Spinning your wheels? Overwhelmed with your “to-do” list? Learn to increase your productivity with helpful tips on time management, goal planning, and organizational skills. Baby steps make all the difference.

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