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"Last evening was lovely and Becky’s presentation was perfect.  She spoke re: Humor, Happiness and Hope which was a wonderful presentation and sharing of her own journey.  Verbal feedback last night was all positive, folks enjoyed and appreciated her journey and what she does for others. I so enjoyed Becky and spending a little bit of time together.  She is most outgoing and has such a vibrant personality that just made me want more time with her!  So happy that she came and that she was inspiring for the attendees. Thank you for your assistance with contacting Becky and the arrangements! -- Becky Dangelo, MSN, RN, CNOR, BHN, CN-BN, Breast Health Navigator, Knox Community Hospital, Mount Vernon, OH

“We knew when we asked Becky to speak at our Women’s Series event, that she would bring something special to the evening, but we were not prepared for just how amazing she would be. Her message was not only for those in our audience affected by breast cancer, it truly touched every person in attendance, both men and women. One minute she had me laughing so hard I was crying, and the next minute, tears of hope and heartbreak were falling down my cheeks. Her genuine desire to bring hope to any person in any situation shines through as she speaks. To put it simply, Becky was magical.” -- Dana Ostergard, OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL

Exuberant, Heartwarming Breast Cancer Survivor

Becky M. Olson is The Breast Cancer Survival Expert!  As a professional, inspirational keynote speaker and author, she has shared her message with thousands of women around the country. Becky is a frequent speaker at Komen Survivor Celebration luncheons and medical conferences for healthcare professionals. She is also a sought after speaker for Women’s Conferences, especially in the area of empowerment.  Her use of humor and storytelling keeps the audiences engaged and laughing. Through her keynote presentations, she will help your audience discover their passion, uncover their gifts and begin to create the legacy they all deserve.

Few would guess any woman who has raised five children and battled breast cancer four times, while maintaining a successful management career would have any energy left for a busy schedule of traveling and speaking. But Becky Olson is not any woman.

The author of The Hat That Saved My Life, Becky brings her perpetual positive outlook from a bounty of life experiences to her programs. Each story evokes both the humor and heartache that stem from that experience. More importantly, Becky shares her spunk and her insights into keeping the spark and enthusiasm of our inner child alive and well while managing life’s many responsibilities.

When cancer showed up the first time, Becky was a top sales rep with a multi-billion dollar corporation. She had also gone back to school to earn her bachelor’s degree, something she had put off for 25 years in order to raise her family. Many told Becky she should quit her job and school so she could focus on her health. To Becky, that meant quit doing what she loved so she could focus on her circumstances. Becky decided instead to focus on living.

Becky‘s positive energy and heartfelt spirit extend into the world not only as a speaker, but in her role as president and co-founder of Breast Friends, a non-profit breast cancer outreach program based in Oregon, dedicated to “helping women survive the trauma of breast cancer…one friend at a time.”

Becky’s book, “The Hat That Saved My Life” was originally released in August of 2004 with a second edition in 2007. She is currently working on her second book.  Becky was also a contributing author to several other books, including “Wise Women Speak,” and “How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers.” She was quoted in the book, “Intimacy After Breast Cancer.” Her organization, Breast Friends, appears in “Chicken Soup for the Soul-Healthy Living Series-Breast Cancer.”  Becky’s story has also appeared in numerous magazines, including Woman’s World.”

Oh, and did we mention Becky holds the prestigious D.T.M (Distinguished Toastmaster) award from Toastmaster’s International? This is a woman who talks from experience with depth, passion, and a flair for the dramatic. Watch for the feather boa…

Becky has been speaking as a keynote presenter since 2003. As a three-time breast cancer survivor, author and co-founder of Breast Friends, she has become known for her ability to inspire and motivate audiences with specialties in three areas:

Breast Cancer Survivor Celebrations

Highly sought after by event planners, Becky has shared her insights at events across the country including numerous Susan G. Komen luncheons. Her specialty in this arena is survivor celebration events that offer hope and inspiration to all survivors regardless of their place along the journey. She will have your audiences rolling with laughter and crying tears as she shares her humorous yet poignant story. Survivors will walk away encouraged and often with a game plan for the next stage of their journey. Her most requested topics are “Humor, Happiness and Hope,” and, “Finding Joy in Adversity.”


Medical Conferences

Becky comes highly recommended. She has shared her message of “Compassionate Care – A Survivor’s Perspective” to medical professionals from all modalities including medical clinics, hospitals, and regional conventions. Imagine if all the chatter from patients about your medical team was positive, with patients feeling extremely well cared for, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Your clients will hear how she fired her physician over a piece of Kleenex and how you can avoid the same problem. This program qualifies for CE credit. Her topic is titled “Compassionate Care – A Survivor’s Perspective.”

Girl’s Night Out and Women’s Conferences and Events

If you are looking for a fun and meaningful message, Becky is the right person. She has the ability to reach out and encourage all of us to look at the challenges in our lives, and make way for positive outcomes. She does it with humor and wit. She will give your audience the tools they need to overcome adversity and create their personal legacy. Her topic is titled, “Don’t Spare the China…The Art of Creating a Legacy.”



Humor, Happiness and Hope

This is Becky’s signature speech for all audiences facing a breast cancer battle. Described as inspiring, funny and passionate, Becky will have your audiences rolling with laughter while wiping tears from their eyes.  They will leave the event inspired and full of hope.

Living My Best Life Through Adversity

This is the perfect speech for audiences who understand  that it is often the most difficult challenges in life that give us the direction we need to live our best life.

The Legacy Box

We all want to leave a legacy to be proud of. This speech is ideal for leadership training as it will guide your attendees through the importance of defining the legacy they wish for themselves, their community, their world.  She will show them step-by-step how to begin making necessary changes, big and small, to ensure they meet their goals and leave the legacy they desire and deserve.


Compassionate Care – A Survivor’s Perspective

What is it that patients really want from their caregivers?  Becky fired her doctor over a piece of kleenex. With a few simple tips, that could have changed. This is the perfect speech for your medical conference. She will share her story, and provide tips and tools for medical professionals to better engage with their patients.


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