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Ann Fry, MSW



"Exceptional just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we felt about Ann's keynote presentation . . . She has a wonderful gift of making each member of the audience feel that she was speaking directly to them." -- Steven Taylor, CEO, Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation

Breast Cancer Survivor, Reinvention Expert

Ann Fry, MSW, is a professional speaker and an organizational / executive coach. She built this practice by first being a psychotherapist, a healthcare administrator, and a college professor. For the last 17 years, Ann has worked around the country speaking, training and coaching in corporations, non-profits, government agencies and at professional association conferences. She brings inspiration for change to her audiences, as well as her sense of humor. She helps to inspire people to move away from the “status quo” – to something that excites them, gives them juice, gets them out of bed in the morning.

In the midst of this career, in 2009, Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent chemotherapy,  radiation, etc. and then a year later was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder.

Now, she speaks about her “adventures” through illness — resiliency, thriving, and the things that get her through the setbacks.

She has a lengthy 15+ year resume of speaking, training, writing .. available upon request.

Most Popular Topics:

A 360° View of Cancer: A Funny and Sensitive Look at the Whole Person

Cancer is the disease that never goes away, even in remission. It’s with us forever. Whether you currently have or have had cancer, are a caretaker, or a healthcare provider, this talk will make you laugh, give you some tips and send you off with an optimistic view. In this program, you will learn what patients and caregivers need, how to view them as full human beings — not just patients.  Ann has a full view as well, having been a psychotherapist dealing with grief issues, a hospice director, a family member of cancer patients and a patient herself.  She sees the full “human / whole person” experience.


If I Can Do It, You Can Do It:  Adventuring through Cancer and Thriving

In this talk, Ann looks at what it takes to be “thriving.” She tells her story of  moving to NYC at age 60 for a new “adventure.” Then getting cancer at 64. With humor and honesty, she shares what it’s like being single, living alone, being self-employed in the Big Apple and how she coped with treatment, losing her hair, and supporting herself during cancer. She shares the elements needed for resiliency and bouncing back. Beyond surviving, thriving is learning to be alive at every magical moment, connected to the world, living in the present. It helps you live authentically, lovingly, and to be genuine. No matter what you’ve experienced, you can THRIVE. Thriving is all about living in the NOW.


How to be an Unconventional Woman… at any Age, Stage and Under Any Circumstance 

(Great for Women’s conferences)
Ann speaks primarily on how she reinvents herself, and why she considers herself to be an “outside the box” sort of woman. Ann shares her own experiences of selling everything and moving from Texas to NYC at age 60 for a new adventure and then dealing with breast cancer on her own in the Big Apple. The stories and the tips she shares will have you laughing and crying, but most importantly will have you thinking beyond your own limitations.

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